I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet. —Carrie Bradshaw

I got schooled during my first week when I first started working in luxury retail, nearly a decade ago. What my co-worker said took me by surprise.

She said, “Here, we don’t call what you’re carrying purses. They’re called handbags.”

I learned real quick that the word ‘purses’ cheapen what we love to spend our hard-earned money on.

It may sound snobby to say something like that, but ‘purses’ does sound cheap when you think about it, right?

From that day on, I’ve always used ‘handbags’ whenever I’m eyeing a new piece of art for my collection.

Sadly, with everything that’s been going on this year, our bags haven’t been used to the capacity they should be enjoyed.

So, in today’s article, I wanted to share my ultimate wish list when it comes to my handbag collection. In no particular order, here’s my favorite handbags!


Even though this style is no longer offered on Fendi’s website, I still love it.

If you’ve been around here, you know I love the thrill of a hunt for something I love. That said, this bag will be on my list to search for because it will be in my handbag collection someday.

I’d probably get the medium; just big enough to carry my life’s essentials and someone else’s stuff should we be out shopping…someday when life returns to a new normal (sigh). I just love the mean eyes. I feel like it’s saying, “Hey you! You can stare, but don’t touch.”

An Ode to Handbags - She Sweats Diamonds - Fendi Iconic Peekaboo Monster - Modeison - Ozgur
Image via Modeison_

An Ode to Handbags - Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis - Megan Runion
Image via Megan Runion


“Hello my love.” is what I’d say when I welcome home this babe one day. The Pochette Métis style has been on my handbags wish list for nearly a half decade.

I adore crossbody bags for the mere reason of being able to be hands-free. And this one has been at the top of my handbag desires. It’s big enough to carry everything I’d need and more.

I’d be able to add my wallet, phone, car keys, some makeup, and still have room for a point-and-shoot camera, which would make this content creator very happy ALL the time!


For the past several years, I’ve had this exact Chloe Nile on my private handbags Pinterest board. I fell in love with the feminine yet edgy style of this crossbody bag from the start.

While I heard it can’t fit bigger iPhones, that won’t deter me from adding this bag to my collection someday!

The possibilities to style this bag are endless and that’s how I want all my purchases of bags to be justified: cost divided by times per wear.

An Ode to Handbags - She Sweats Diamonds - Erica Hoida - Fashioned Chic Styling - CHLOÉ NILE BRACELET BAG
Image via Erica Hoida

Image via Alyssa Lenore


Small yet mighty! I’ve never been interested in the bigger sizes of this style as I heard they can be very heavy.

The more I looked at this bag, the more I adored the mini size. I feel like although it’s small, it looks like it can fit a lot.

The problem I would have would be choosing between this beautiful neutral color or jet black.

What’s a satchel if it can’t be worn crossbody at some point either, am I right?


I first discovered the Diorama style from Lydia several years ago and fell in love.

Yes, it’s another crossbody, but what’s not to love? I wouldn’t choose this exact bag as pictured here, but would go for a jet-black one with gold hardware. I will also add their cult-favorite, stunning Tribales pearl earrings to my jewelry collection!

Aside from CHANEL, Dior is such a beautiful brand I’ve always loved. After visiting their fashion exhibit this past fall, I respect what they create even more.

Lydia Elise Millen - studded Dior Diorama Bag
Image via Lydia Elise Millen

An Ode to Handbags - She Sweats Diamonds - VALENTINO GARAVANI MEDIUM ROCKSTUD - Lorna Luxe
Image via Lorna Luxe


This beauty has been on my ultimate handbags wish list for years.

I feel like it’s the best bag to strike a perfect balance between feminine and edgy, which is my personal style preference. I’d get this exact bag as pictured: grained calfskin in the medium size with gold studs.

Versatility is the name of my game, so I love how you can wear it on your shoulder, crossbody style, or tuck in the chain to wear it on your arm. Three styles for one price tag? Yes, please!


What woman who loves luxury goods doesn’t have anything CHANEL in their closet? No one.

Even after owning a few CHANEL pieces myself, I am of the type who wholeheartedly believes, “You can never have enough CHANEL.”

And it would be a crime if this nude vanity case wasn’t a part of my handbag wish list. Am I right or am I right?

Although I haven’t seen this bag in person, I can tell it will hold my daily essentials, and can see myself wearing this all-year round handbag during colder days like Marianna in this photo and also with shorts, a t-shirt, and blazer for spring.

An Ode to Handbags - She Sweats Diamonds - Marianna Hewitt CHANEL-chanel-box-bag-chanel vanity case
Image via Marianna Hewitt

Annabelle Fleur - white-suit - Rosantica Billie Bag -2019-pasadena-7-848x1272
Image via Annabelle Fleur


I first saw this bag on Annebelle of The VivaLuxury and fell in love! I’m a huge fan of owning unique clutches and evening bags and Rosantica truly creates unique and stunning bags.

I love this style Annabelle is wearing and also adore their Pearly Ball Clutch Bag, which is sold out everywhere. If you ask me, either of these bags are worthy for any wedding or special event!

I can definitely see myself carrying a Rosantica bag on the red carpet someday (should I be someone’s plus one or there because of my hard work)! Even though this bag style wouldn’t be able to fit my iPhone Plus, I wouldn’t be mad because I’d be wearing a gown/dress with pockets, haha!


As a huge fan of edgy style with a feminine touch, I fell in love with Bulgari’s Serpenti collection. Yes, it’s another crossbody. However, I find that it’s such a distinct style I’d love to have in my closet.

I can see myself wearing this silver style like Victoria, pictured here or a stunning red one. If Bulgari is turning a neutral lover like me into liking some color, you know they’re good!

I love how you can tuck the chains inside to turn it into a clutch like Lydia did here. Yay for versatility!

Bulgari Serpenti Forever Bag - In the Frow - Victoria McGrath
Image via Victoria McGrath

Image via Krystal Schlegel


Although the Gucci Soho Disco bag is another crossbody, I think it’s worthy to replace my seven year old Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody that can barely fit my wallet, phone, and keys anymore.

Out of all the crossbody bags on my wish list, I think this style would be most durable for daily/casual use. I’m not sure which color I’d pick though. If I want an understated look, I’d go for black or tan, but if I want a pop of color, red is always my go-to shade when it comes to handbags.

I’m not a fan of gigantic logos, but since it’s stitched into the leather, I don’t mind this look at all. What do you think of this bag?


I normally don’t like “trendy” bags, but I love this padded bag. To me, it looks so unique! The way Melissa has styled it here and with a winter outfit looks SO good!

I feel like most people think Bottega’s bags are trendy, but I feel like their bags will be the kind that comes back from time to time. If trends eventually return, is it really considered “trendy” or be considered “a classic in rotation” over time?

If I had to pick from the Bottega family, I’d choose this bag or The Pouch in the woven style.

An Ode to Handbags - She Sweats Diamonds - Micah Gianneli - Chanel classic flap
Image via Micah Gianneli


Hello lover! The ultimate handbag of all handbags. I’ve been lusting after you for years along with your chevron bag of a brother.

Someday, I’ll grow my CHANEL family with a Pearl Shopping Tote, Pearl Flap (thanks to Alyssa inspiring me), Boy Bag, and a few more SLGs.

Whether it’s casual or dressy, any outfit will always be elevated with a CHANEL handbag. I can see wearing this bag to my heart’s content for years to come. If there’s a classic bag to pass down to future generations, it’s anything from CHANEL.

For those who have been around SSD for awhile, you know that I have a penchant for luxury goods. However, with my champagne taste on a beer budget personality, I’ve never been one to spend full-price on anything.

To me, it’s all about living sustainably, saving money, and enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

That said, I’ll be searching for most of these bags through consignment and second-hand boutiques.

I feel like it’ll make the acquiring process much more fun, no matter how long it takes! And don’t worry, I’ve been learning how to spot authentic and fake goods with the free time I’ve had lately, ha!

I hope some of these ladies I’ve featured in today’s article have inspired you to choose your next handbag carefully! I follow all of them for fashion inspiration and hope you will too!

If you could blink and have your most coveted handbags in your closet, what handbags would make the list?

This blog article was inspired by Purse Blog’s article, An Ode to the Purse in These Strange, Bag-Less Times


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