“Health is adding a level of intention to every area of your life.” —Miranda Anderson

As I’m heading out to NYC to spend time with my besties, I thought it was appropriate to chat about health on the go.

This article isn’t just for those who are jet setters, but for people who are constantly on the go like mamas (obviously), students and entrepreneurs with packed schedules.

I’m sure you can agree with me that when it comes to traveling, our health routines are thrown out the window.
5 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Go | She Sweats Diamonds

This article is to help you stay as close to your normal routine as possible.

Here are five tips to stay healthy on the go:


Since your body works for you 24/7, the least you can do is keep your body hydrated. If you hate water because it’s too plain, add lemon juice and mint leaves. You can also add lemon juice to sparkling water if you like carbonation. If you’re in between places, you can stop by any coffee shop and request some. Most fast food places will have them too if you order a tea or water.

If you’re eating out with coworkers, ask for a water and some extra lemons slices to go. If all else fails, try a reusable water bottle like Voss and infuse some fruit in your water. I love my BKR bottle when I’m playing tennis. My blender bottle also works if I happen to have one of those with me.


Easy snacks and pre-made healthy meals are easy if you plan ahead. I love taking overnight oats with me. Nuts, grapes (they’re amazing frozen!), apples, bananas and bars are also my favorite snack options.

For breakfast, I also like to pack my favorite plant-based shakes or a Pitaya smoothie. To keep your body’s energy from crashing, it’s important to eat every couple of hours. Don’t forget to eat lots of protein!


Our bodies do not get everything we need from food. To fill in the missing nutrition gaps, we have to take supplements. If you really want to stay healthy on the go, pre-packaged vitamin packs are your best option.

I take multi-vitamin, antioxidant/adaptogen, vitality complex, and fish oil as a foundation. I also pair it with vitamin D (feel free to contact me about this if you’re interested). Let me tell you, I feel a difference if I miss a pack.

Please, I beg of you, do NOT buy vitamins from sites like Amazon or eBay. Since they are third party suppliers, you never know what it’s them. If you’re getting vitamins from places like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS or even GNC, just throw them away. You’re not getting your money’s worth. I’d rather you not take any vitamins and I say that with the utmost confidence.


If you’re a student or entrepreneur jumping from class to class or meeting to meeting, keep an extra set of fun workout clothes, socks, towel and sneakers in a gym bag in the trunk of your car.

I have found that you’ll have a higher chance to get a work out in if you already have your clothes with you. I call that the No Excuses Clause, haha! Keep your bags packed. You never know if your friends or fellow event attendees will ask you to a hike/walk/run or a round of weights at the gym!


If you’re a local to the area, find new fun workouts to do and call up your friends to do it with you. Let’s face it, working out alone is boring. I like to use the MINDBODY app to find new places to try out in my city.

For travelers, to stay healthy on the go, make sure you call the hotel you’re staying at to see if there’s a gym. Most hotel concierge know what places to recommend during your stay. If you’re like me, research the area you’ll be in to see if there’s a nearby park so you can take a walk or run.

I hope these tips have helped you make your life a little easier. Life can get busy and most of the time, we tend to put our health last, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Remember, it’s important to stay healthy on the go, not just at home. You have only one place to live. Take care of it so you can spend more time with your loved ones, do what you love to live a life you deserve!

How do you stay healthy on the go?


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