“Don’t let anyone treat you like free salsa. You are guac, baby. You. Are. Guac.” —Avo lovers everywhere

You know those influencers you follow, who no matter what, have a strong, super tight hold on you?

By influencer, I mean those who tell you to drink more coffee, eat chocolate, buy stuff that’s not really necessary, but “it’s so cute!”

Yes, this includes those who tell you about mega huge sales when they know you’re trying to pay off your debts? Yeah, we all have that friend or social influence.

My influence just happens to feed my obsession for healthy fats, ha!

Foodie: 5 Tasty & Unique Avocado Toast Ideas | She Sweats DiamondsFirst of all, if you know me, you know that I LOVE anything avocado, so for today’s post, I thought I’d share some healthy toast ideas I’ve found across the Internets to help you mix things up whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or a snack to keep you energized while you’re on a busy schedule. And because avo. Duh.

Check out some of my unique avocado toasts ideas I’ve found below!


Karen keeps adding to my love of avocados. Her gorgeous and super colorful, lick-your-screen recipes on her Instagram is just the tip of her influence. (I should mention that I love how she takes time to respond to her followers too.) Dare I say her posts have made me want to take more time in making my breakfast lately?

First up? Another one of Karen’s yummy avo toast nom noms is topped off with cherry tomatoes, coriander, chives, and feta cheese. If you want to be fuller longer, add a sunny side up egg and it’s the perfect breakfast! Um, can I haz?!

Foodie: 5 Tasty & Unique Avocado Toast Ideas | She Sweats Diamonds


Up next is a quite interesting avo toast recipe. If you love hummus, try it with a twist! Not just any hummus, but rather a colorful one at that! Beet hummus and avo? Definitely worth a try! Look at how beautiful that color is! I feel like I’d be eating art. Here’s the recipe. What? It’s okay that I’m adding to your addiction, right?

Foodie: 5 Tasty & Unique Avocado Toast Ideas | She Sweats Diamonds


If you love savory foods like me, why not add some fried mushrooms, toasted pumpkin seeds and sprouts?! In addition to that, I’d sprinkle some pink Himalayan salt to kick the flavor up a notch.

Nadia is my go-to girl when it comes to eating healthy! She’s in her early 20’s and is rocking the world of food and health. Check out her amazing, drool-worthy Instagram and blog! Her latest accomplishment? She just published the English version of her cookbook (under $20)!!! I’m so excited to nab it and refer to it as I do BBG!

Foodie: 5 Tasty & Unique Avocado Toast Ideas | She Sweats Diamonds


Next up, we have the mother of all Instagram accounts and it looks like it’s almost-100% dedicated to avocado. How about avo on toast, but with a broccoli pesto foundation? I will say my avo probably won’t look this pretty, haha!

Foodie: 5 Tasty & Unique Avocado Toast Ideas | She Sweats Diamonds


Lastly, we have this beautiful recipe. First, if you already love avo, you’ll win. Secondly, if you love elote, you’ll win big. Third, if you’re smart to combine avo and elote, you’ll win what I consider a major avo toast recipe!

I love grilled corn and avocado so it only makes sense to put two and two together right? Now tell me that I can’t have this and I’ll probably go crazy on you. Here’s the full recipe and you’re SO welcome! Sharing is caring.

Foodie: 5 Tasty & Unique Avocado Toast Ideas | She Sweats Diamonds

Which avocado toast do you like?!

They all look so good, but mine has to be the Mexican grilled corn. No doubt I’m definitely going to be making that avo toast soon too. Excuse me while I drool like Homer Simpson over here.

Because breakfast is an important part of the day, I wanted to share quick recipes for you that won’t take up much time. Additionally, I wanted to share unique toast ideas rather than just plain avo, salt and pepper flakes. Since I’m all about keeping to clean eating, I wanted to share avo toast ideas that were healthy. In any case, I’m sure you’ll find a recipe that works for you.

If you have a unique avo toast recipe, please let me know in the comments. It’s okay, I’m giving you full permission to be that kind of influencer in my life so you can feed my avocado addiction.

Image via: 1  Secret Squirrel Food | 2 Secret Squirrel Food | 3 ful-filled | 4 Nadia Damaso | 5 Food Deco | 6 How Sweet It Is


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