5 Personal Growth Instagram Accounts to Follow

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As promised, I want to share more value with you, not just fashion and beauty. In the past, I’ve shared fun Instagram accounts to follow such as fitness and home decor.

In today’s post, I want to share my favorite Instagram accounts with you. I personally follow each of these accounts.

From entrepreneurship mindsets to self-love and relationships, I hope each of these personal growth Instagram accounts add a ton of value to your life! Feel free to follow me on Instagram too!


If I could pick an Instagram account to represent my mentality and personal sense of (life)style, this one would be it. They give lots of value so read a few of their posts and get ready to be fired up! Check out their content and tell me that their words won’t motivate you!

5 Personal Growth Instagram Accounts to Follow - She Sweats Diamonds - The Female Hustlers - boss lady quotes


This boss lady Instagram account gives off a great head-strong vibe that I love. Aside from value, they’re pretty on point with some of their humorous memes, haha! If you’re a female entrepreneur, with a Gary Vaynerchuck style of thinking, this is the account for you!

5 Personal Growth Instagram Accounts to Follow - She Sweats Diamonds - Maryam Hasnaa - confidence quotes



I just discovered Shannan’s account last week and I loved her content so much that I hit the follow button right after seeing this image below. If you’re looking for content to help you reflect and grow, she’s the one! And Shannan keeps it short and sweet for us busy ladies on the go!

5 Personal Growth Instagram Accounts to Follow - She Sweats Diamonds - Shannan Monson - Entrepreneur quote - entrepreneurship chart


Ashley’s account is a new one I also just discovered last week. At first glance, her content doesn’t just cover personal growth, but entrepreneurship, self-love, and wellness. If this is what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to hit that follow button!

I love, love, LOVE that she gives actionable steps too! Check out this great example below!

5 Personal Growth Instagram Accounts to Follow - She Sweats Diamonds - Ashley Stahl - personal growth tips


Mark Groves’ Instagram account is one of my favorite personal growth Instagram accounts to follow. He shares reminders of self-worth and teaches people the meaning of what relationships are really about and truths about love. This one I’m sharing in today’s post speaks to me so much as I long for a partner to push me to grow and wants me to push him to grow.

Ladies, if you have a hard time in self-worth after a breakup or are in a season of being single, I highly recommend you follow Mark as he gives great insight.

5 Personal Growth Instagram Accounts to Follow - She Sweats Diamonds - Mark Groves - relationship quotes
I hope you like these Instagram accounts I’ve shared with you today and that you find at least one of them valuable to follow.

Remember, things don’t change, if you don’t change.

Image via The Female Hustlers, Boss Babe, Shannan Monson, Mark Groves, Ashley Stahl

  • Tracy
    September 17, 2019

    I have been following the Boss Babe account and I love it! Accounts like these are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!


    • Huong
      September 26, 2019

      Aren’t they awesome?! I love accounts that add value and positivity to the world like this! Of course! It’s all about the positive vibes around here, Tracy! x

  • Rachel
    September 16, 2019

    Thank you for adding to our lives in big ways! I know you are wise and you follow wise people so I am going to be wise too and follow these peeps as well! I am doing a Bible study right now about the battle of the mind and fighting for your heart and I think these people are exactly the kind I need to follow to keep fighting that fight between the ears! This is a great post and one I am sure we all need to keep pushing on.

    • Huong
      September 26, 2019

      Aw, so glad you love these accounts, Rachel! Yes, the mind is something we have to battle everyday. It gets easier to more we train our minds to think in the positive direction. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t ever fight it again. Keep pushing on! x