5 Inspirational Health Quotes I Live By

5 Inspirational Health Quotes I Live By - She Sweats Diamonds - Dallas Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

I’m a huge fan of quotes. When there’s a quote I come across and I know it’s a good one I need to remember, I tend to make an image to remember it. I also like to post it on my social media platforms to share with my friends/followers what goes directly to my heart.

For today’s post, I wanted to focus on health-related quotes. When it comes to wellness, I feel that the most important aspect of it is the mind(set).

Without having the proper mindset, you’ll find a lack of motivation, purpose if you will, do take action. If you’ve been struggling with getting started on any goals you may have or even your health journey, read on.

Here are five inspirational quotes that have discovered within the last five years that I’ve certainly applied to my life:

  1. “The body achieves what the mind believes.” – Did you know that your body physically responds to what you believe and say? Don’t believe me? Read Think and Grow Rich.
  2. “The limit is not in the sky. The limit is in the mind.” – Once you get out of your own way, stop caring what others think about you and start believing in yourself, you’re unstoppable!
  3. “Your mind is like a bank. What you deposit, you can withdraw.” – If you deposit positivity, love and joy in your mind, you’ll find that you’ll “pull those files” when you need it most.
  4. “The month’s choices are next month’s body.” – When I first came across this quote, it hit me hard. What I choose to eat today reflects on how I look tomorrow. When I choose to not exercise today, it’ll show tomorrow. What I do privately will definitely show publicly especially when it comes to my physical health.
  5. “What you allow is what will continue.” – Ouch. That was my first initial thought. It hurt to read this, but it’s true. Once we realize we are in complete control of our lives, that’s when things can change. We always have the power to control how we want our lives to pan out, even if it’s on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you look past the cliche of quotes and start to live by them.

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What inspirational health quotes do you live by?

It can be funny or serious. Let me know in the comments below!

Image via Nicole White (love her!)