I say, dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says, “Here I am!” today. —Iris Apfel

The style of my workout clothes has a lot to do with how I feel before, during and after going to the gym.

And lately, I’ve been pinning activewear pieces to my board and it’s fun to see my overall gym style coming together.

Considering it’s been a little over a year since I posted about stylish activewear brands, I thought I’d update you guys on a few more brands that I’ve discovered.

The kicker?
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These activewear brands aren’t mainstream so before you head to Lululemon, check out these beautiful and fun lines!


I like the quirky patterns and colors P.E. Nation offers. As someone who loves neutrals, I’m not opposed to a little color if it’s done right and these are done right! Wishing we had cool workout clothes like this when I was in college because truthfully, I would’ve probably went to the gym!


Again, I love a bit of simplicity when it comes to my workout gear. Looks that are simple yet comfortable wins tons of brownie points in my book. The brand’s name is so unique too! The correct way to say the name of their brand is We Over Me. Isn’t that cool?!


For having over a million followers on Instagram, I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of their brand yet. I love the easy look of Gymshark’s line. From what I can tell, their products look breathable. The price point is VERY reasonable, like Target reasonable, if you’re on a budget. Looks like I’ll be adding a few more things to my workout wardrobe!


I love that some of their pieces are bold while others are subtle. I’m totally eyeing these black and pink leggings! The paneling on their pieces make the entire outfit look so sharp and clean. P.S. A lot of their pieces are on major sale right now. You’re welcome!


For some reason, I’ve been loving colorblocking lately, especially with activewear! This brand is expensive, but if you’re looking to invest so you don’t have to keep buying more workout clothes, I’d look into this line to add a few pieces to your closet!

I certainly hope you enjoyed today’s post because I had a lot of fun looking for brand I personally hadn’t heard of! Are you a fan of activewear or do you take the “As long as it’s workout clothes, who cares?” approach?

What non-mainstream activewear brands do you love?

Image via Vaara