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Happy Wednesday, y’all! If you’re a regular on the blog, you know that I’m a health enthusiast.

Personally, I feel that not a lot people talk about the mental/mindset side of health.

So for today’s Wellness Wednesday article, let’s chat about health-related apps!

3 Health Apps I Use and Love - She Sweats Diamonds - Huong Vo - sun reflecting on water

Since there are a lot of apps out there, I wanted to narrow down three that I use, love and have helped me in my health journey. Let’s dive in!


Sometimes, when I can’t sleep or there’s a lot of city noise outside of my window, I utilize this “white noise” app. There are 11 sounds ranging from beach to birds along with over 20 others that you can “unlock”for $20/year if you don’t like the presets. For me, I’m fine with the 11 preset sounds, ha!

What I like about this app is that you can turn on as many sounds at the same time if you want! I like to mix the Ocean with Birds so I can pretend I’m falling asleep at the beach! You can also set a timer to turn off the sound if you know it’ll take you some time to fall asleep. My favorite has to be the Ocean because I just like hearing the waves crash!


If you are a yoga beginner like me, this is the app for you. If you’re a newbie to yoga, I think this app is a great resource to use if you don’t know where to begin.

I have been using this app on and off for almost a year now and it’s been a great addition to my morning routine. I start my days with the deep-guided 5 or 10 minute meditation after my quiet time with God and Five Minute Journal and my days are much better because of this small routine.

It’s so cool because ready-made classes are available and you have the option to customize and create your own too! Also, videos and images of all poses are available to help you understand how to do each workout correctly. On top of that, you can schedule your own yoga sessions and it records the time and session you did! I plan on practicing with this app more and more.

I highly recommend you download this app if you’re looking to get into yoga or become an avid yogi!


As you guys know, I struggled with anxiety last year. I know I was going a hundred miles an hour and didn’t make time for self-care. I recently started using this app and I must say I understand why it almost has a 5-star rating from 2,800 people. This app focuses on mindfulness, helps you become self-aware of your emotions and provides meditations which is right up my alley.

So far, I’m loving this app, but will give you a thorough review in the future once I use it for a longer period of time.

These apps have helped with my health quite a bit so I hope you liked them!

I’m also currently trying Simple Habit because I have to check out an app if it has over 20,000 reviews with a 4.8 star (out of 5) rating! I’ll let you know what I think!

What health apps do you use for wellness?

Let me know in the comments!


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