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If you’re looking for spring dresses for special occasions or just want to change up your wardrobe/style a bit, but feel overwhelmed, I understand.

Hunting for a new dress is difficult. I know, first-class, first-world problems.

With tons of options, it doesn’t help if you’re also selective and have champagne with a beer-budget taste, am I right?

With so many style options out there, I hope today’s edit will help as you hunt for the perfect spring dress(es) to add to your closet.

2024 Spring Dresses for Every Style and Budget - Dallas blogger Huong Vo wears Abercrombie green and white floral dress

Whether you’re looking for spring dresses for upcoming events or to treat yourself, here are some of the best of the best spring dresses for every style and budget I’ve found to fit all your needs.


Florals for spring and summer are nothing new. However, I will say, I’m very selective when it comes to floral dresses. To me, floral dresses have to evoke class and femininity. And if the occasion calls for it, a bit of an edge. The floral print has to be just right for me to hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

And these floral dresses below are definitely ‘Add to Cart’ worthy in my eyes!


Linen is one of the best fabrics to have in your closet to stay cool during warmer weather. These linen dresses are simple yet so easy to style/wear that I wouldn’t be surprised if you keep reaching for them for the next six months!


Not going to lie. I’ve always thought that knitted or crocheted dresses were more so coverups.

However, some dresses have caught my eye recently and are worthy to be styled this spring and summer. The details are these crochet dresses are just stunning!


What is spring without having a pretty pastel dress in your wardrobe? If you have a wedding this spring or summer, a few of these styles I’ve curated are just too good not to consider!


Style is all about layering so here are a few additional spring pieces I’ve found that you can layer on to complete your look(s) and to keep you warm!


And what friend would I be if I didn’t give you some shoe and bag options to style these beautiful dresses with too, am I right?

What did you think of this edit? I hope this helps you with your search for spring dresses regardless of your style and budget.

May you find a dress that elevates your mood and can be used for many in-person events to come! You know me: #CostDividedByTimesPerWear is always the name of my game!

What spring dresses you would pick?! Let me know in the comments!


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