A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye. —Unknown

While I may not have the chance to decorate my home for fall this year, I’m window shopping.

Yes, window shopping. Here’s why: While packing for my move earlier this summer, I became very frustrated.

The amount of physical things I had to pack for one person was eye-opening. At one point, it even brought out the feeling of anger. Wasting time and money to get more boxes to pack things I couldn’t even use for God knows how long is an embarrassment to me.

After realizing that I own so many things, it pushed me to become extremely careful of what I buy and bring into my (future) home. While I browsed online for this year’s fall home decor, I wanted to help you by featuring timeless neutral fall decor.

The goal is that if you are searching for neutral fall decor for your home, you find pieces you can use every year so you don’t have to keep buying new decor you actually don’t need.

That said, here are my picks if you want to add touches of fall to your home:

Neutral Fall Decor - She Sweats Diamonds - Huong Vo - neutral ribbed candles - wooden bowl - grey faux fur throw - brown glass candle holder

For new readers, my home decor style is a balance of modern transitional with feminine touches and a tiny bit of glam here and there.

Let me also preface and say that if you know me, you know I believe in slow decorating. If you don’t get at least three to five years of use out of what you buy, it’s a waste of your time and hard-earned money.

Let’s quickly chat through each piece in case you’re looking for some neutral fall decor this year!


This reversible ribbed glass tealight holder can also hold a taper candle. That said, you’re getting two beautiful candle holders for under $5 each. Yes, you read that right.


These white ceramic pumpkins are so pretty and inject a modern fall vibe into your home decor!

Tip: When decorating, use groups of three and make sure the height is varied.


To me, ribbed candles are so classic. Even more beautiful? Neutral ribbed candles.

While I have not purchased from them yet, my favorite shop that carries beautiful candles and thoughtful home decor is Luxetched in London.


My friends, Nioby and Niza, founded Off-White Palette a few years ago and it’s so surreal to have this gorgeous piece from their store in my home!

This petite marble tray is a functional piece if you want to add a bit of a feminine yet modern touch to your decor.


If I’m not decorating with faux leaf branches for fall, it will be with faux magnolia branches! It will always be either or for me when it comes to easy-to-style neutral fall decor!


What is fall without a wood tone in your home? This acacia bowl comes in four sizes and can serve double-duty in the kitchen or as decor. It’s up to you!


If you’re going to have candles, why not have beautiful matches for them? This glass cloche with black matches is super chic and doubles as decor too!


Last, but not least, the easiest way to refresh your home for fall is a throw (or pillow). This oversized faux fur throw will always add warmth to any room!

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my fall home decor picks and that it gets you excited for the upcoming season!

What’s your favorite piece from my selection of neutral fall decor?

If you want to shop these pieces, just click on any item in the image below!


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