“But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins.” —Mitch Albom

I am SO grateful for real women: our mothers. Our mothers are strong in many ways and make the world go round, don’t they?

And because they make our world go round, the least they deserve is to be showered with love, gifts, and/or experiences.

That said, my 2023 Mother’s Day gift guide is even more condensed this year. While my gift guide is small, I feel like it consists of thoughtful (and practical) gifts.

This small curated selection of gift ideas is for all of our amazing moms, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. Of course, I made sure to keep those who are aunts, sisters, mother figures, and in-laws, in mind too.

In my 2023, Mother’s Day gift guide, you’ll find some familiar gift recommendations for my 2023 Mother’s Day gift guide because they are tried and true gifts.


Dyson is a must-have brand if you’re going to splurge on a practical gift for Mother’s Day. If money is no object, stretch your dollars and get her an air purifier that also cools! And if she lives somewhere where it’s cold more often, an air purifier that heats and cools will go a long way.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve used Dyson’s cordless vacuum. And it’s still going strong, so what does that tell you about the quality of their products in general?


Even though she doesn’t wear jewelry on a daily basis, my mom loves jewelry. I’d love to get her a pair of earrings, but she’s extremely particular about what she likes and doesn’t like. My gift for my mom would have to be a shopping trip to get her some nice jewelry so I can’t do a surprise for her here, ha!

Whether you go for classic diamond studs or rose-shaped earrings, new jewelry pieces are a fun gift especially if she prefers having a curated collection.


If your mom doesn’t like gifts, get her a beauty gift like this collagen lip oil and a local experience such as a flower arranging course, spa day, or a shopping trip to her favorite stores!


Speaking of, a facial cleanser that feels like a spa? Yes, please. I personally use this facial cleansing balm and y’all, it feels so good upon contact. Granted, I don’t wear foundation often, but I can vouch that my eyeliner slides off!

And if your move loves to wear makeup, trust me when I say it melts it off when she cleanses her face.

I think it’s also a great clean beauty skincare brand so you can buy this solo or add it to a spa basket. Just add eye masks, a boujee candle, bath salts, and bath robe and you’re all set.

Trust me, when I say this amazing facial cleansing balm is a gift she’ll want on repeat!


An affordable and practical gift for mom would be this migraine head wrap.

Hear me out. After owning this for a while, it’s not just for migraines and headaches. I use it to decompress after a long day. Instead of cooling eye masks, think of this as a cooling face, eye, and head mask! It comes in four colors too.


I recommend this minimal jewelry box with a glass top for another affordable gift for Mother’s Day. This jewelry box is very well-made and a great gift for storing her MOST treasured pieces. I own this one along with several of “supersize” drawers as I love you can customize your own jewelry box.

I like this glass top as it gives it more of a luxe feel. It also lets her display her beautiful collection and serves as a reminder to wear her favorite pieces.


One practical Mother’s Day gift is this cool touch gold kettle. My mom doesn’t drink anything cold so if your mom is the same way, this kettle is a great practical gift. It’s cool to the touch, heats up quickly, and has great reviews.

To boot, she won’t have to put it away because it also looks aesthetically pleasing. She can leave it out on her kitchen counter or wet bar!


My mom isn’t much of a bouquets-in-a-vase kind of person as she loves potted flowers more.

However, if you have someone who loves them, why not choose the gift of flowers that lasts for a year for the person who’s taken care of you your entire life?

You can customize your eternity arrangement by rose color and the type of vase! The company has recently added candles, room sprays, trunks, stationary, roses with greens, and mixed flowers to their offering.

If my best friend’s mom was still with us, I’d get her their gardenia as that was her favorite flower. Gah, I miss her so much…

If you do order, don’t forget to use this link to get $20 off your first $200 purchase. I’ve also heard from some influencers that their roses have lasted over a year!


This brass and marble tier server was on last year’s gift guide and makes an appearance again this year as it’s definitely a multi-purpose Mother’s Day gift.

She can use it should she be hosting a get-together or put it on her kitchen counter to store her coffee/tea mugs. And if she wants, she can also move it and put it on her vanity/bathroom counter to display her favorite fragrances.

It’s certainly eye-catching as it is well-made based on what I’ve heard about it so far and also comes in black marble as well.


To me, the best pick for my 2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide? A monthly vitamin subscription delivered straight to her home. The gift of wellness is quite possibly the best gift you can give your loved ones.

I got my mom a box to test out for a year before putting this gift guide together. Verdict? She LOVES it! You should’ve seen her reaction. “Really? One time a day? Thank God! Good!”

Her vitamins are individually wrapped so she doesn’t have to open a dozen bottles. All she needs to take is one packet one time a day and she’s done! I cannot emphasize how much of a game-changer this is especially considering how busy she is. No more forgetting to take her vitamins. Just grab and go! Note: the fish oil is packaged separately to keep in mind those with allergies.

She takes her vitamins along with liquid collagen to support her hair, skin, and nails, and improve joint mobility. Also, if you’re a mom who still has a menstrual cycle or are in perimenopause or menopause, I’d gift her Ova (menstrual) or Ova-m (perimenopause or in menopause). Ova helps support hormones without the use of hormones (goodbye birth control!) and Ova-m helps support the transition to menopause whether you’re in between or currently experiencing menopause.

You can get $10 off your first purchase (discount is embedded in the link). If you want to save more money, you can also participate in the FREE referral program.

While creating this Mother’s Day Gift Guide, I also thought about what my own mom would like as she likes practical gifts. It’s important to me to give her things that make her daily routines easier so I hope my picks help you narrow down what to get for your loved one(s)!

Let me know if you think this 2023 Mother’s Day gift guide has been helpful! 

No matter what you gift or do for your moms, let’s make them feel special! If we’re going to go the gifts route, you can’t go wrong with gifts that will make their lives a little easier, or add a little touch of luxury because they deserve it.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for other people in your life, here are my other gift guides you can reference in the future!