“Beautiful is the man who leaves a legacy that of shared love and life. It is he who transfers meaning, assigns significance and conveys in his loving touch the fine art and gentle shaping of a life. This man shall be called, Father.” —Stella Payton

As a blogger/influencer, I have never shared Father’s Day gift guides over the years for very personal reasons.

After losing my dad in 2008, I just never wanted to because it was too painful.

It wasn’t just seeing others honor and love on their dads on Father’s Day. And it wasn’t just missing him either. As giving gifts to others is my love language, I missed loving on my dad. I missed seeing the expression on his face. I missed seeing his initial reaction. And I definitely missed wanting to see him use his gifts.

After a decade and a half, I finally feel comfortable sharing a gift guide for this holiday. Because if my dad was still here, here’s a gift guide of some ideas I’d refer to when deciding what gift I’d give him…


My dad loved to grill and go to cookouts when his company or friends would host. The very first thing I remember him grilling for our family was bò nướng lá lốt (meat wrapped with Betel leaves). The scent of charcoal still brings back so many wonderful summer memories.

Before he passed away, he also taught me how to make grilled shrimp scampi. He always told me, “Make sure you’re right there when mom and I cook because you’ll need to learn how to cook for yourself. That and your future husband and kids will be happy too!”

He wasn’t wrong. Over the years, I’ve implemented everything I learned from my parents when I cook. I’m so thankful they made me watch their process of cooking and cooking shows instead of a ton of cartoons. Now, I look forward to cooking for my future husband/family!

If dad were still here, I’d get him this cookbook. This cookbook covers how to cook meats like beef, pork, lamb, veal, or poultry. I just know he’d love and use it.


Even though my dad was a huge fan of beer and hard liquors, he’d also drink coffee in the mornings.

He was ALWAYS on the go and a very early riser, so I’d get him this tumbler if he was still around. That way, he could enjoy his coffee on the way to work. It’s similar to the popular Stanley tumblers, but I love how it’s sleeker.


My dad always wore cologne. I mean always. His favorite was Hugo Boss. If he were around today, I’d definitely get a bottle of this Dior Sauvage cologne for him.

I do not know a single man or woman who doesn’t love this cologne when I gift it. Both parties are always appreciative if you get my meaning!


I was cleaning out my memory box the other day and came across a checklist my dad had written for me when I first started driving. It was so cute. It had things like, “Check your oil and gas gauges.” and “Make sure to check brake lights every month.”

I’m sure if he were alive, he’d get me this portable car battery charger! And I’d gift one right back to him, ha!

This one, I’d know he’d use and then tell everyone about it, lol!


Like I said, my dad loved beer. If this was gifted to him, he’d plan a party every weekend just to have a reason to use it.

This sleek stainless steel keg with tap also isn’t just for beer. This personal keg is also designed to keep beverages carbonated and fresh for up to two weeks. If you’re wondering what beverages, it holds champagne, carbonated cocktails, and other sparkling drinks! It’s a gift that will keep on giving to everyone no matter what their beverage preferences!


Although my dad very rarely drank wine, I think he’d appreciate this wine opener as a gift idea instead of a gift. That way, he would turn around to gift this to family and friends who loved wine.


Dad always loved experiments of any kind. From school projects he’d help me with to kitchen concoctions, he’d totally love this smoke infuser! I could see him creating a lot of fun hard liquor drinks with this!


Growing up, my parents had this massive massenger (think cinder block size, lol). Since their jobs were always physical/manual labor roles, they always stood a lot for their jobs.

If he were still around, I’d get him this vibrating foam roller to loosen stiff muscles after a hard days work.


My dad never had a beard, more so a light goatee when he was alive.

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t spoil him with this beard oil. I mean, he did scratch his goatee often so this would’ve helped.


While smartphones were not around when my dad was alive, I know he’d love this magnetic car mount now. I laugh thinking about gifting him this because I just know he’d still have those large paper maps in his glove box “just in case” phone batteries die when we’re out and about.

If you’re a regular around here, you’ll see some familiar gift recommendations from my 2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him. I always like to recommend things I love and have gifted successfully before I share them with you.

I hope you enjoyed my 2023 Father’s Day gift guide. This small curated selection of gift ideas is for all of our amazing dads, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers. Of course, I made sure to keep those who are uncles, brothers, father figures, and in-laws, in mind too.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know who my dad was to me because writing this article was also therapeutic in a way.

Let me know if you think this 2023 Father’s Day gift guide has been helpful! 

No matter what you gift or do for your dads, let’s make them feel special! If we’re going to go the gifts route, you can’t go wrong with gifts that will make their lives a little easier, or add a little touch of luxury because they deserve it.

We’ll only have them for a little while so enjoy the process of finding them a gift to spoil them with, not just the gifting part.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for other people in your life, here are my other gift guides you can reference in the future!


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