2021 Thoughts

“If your biggest achievement this year was simply making it this far, simply waking up in the morning when you didn’t want to face the day, simply surviving — that is something to celebrate, too. —Bianca Sparacino

Happy almost 2022, loves! I’m sure I speak for many of you when I say, “What a year 2021 has been.”

Before I dive into my last article of the year, I wanted to share with you some beautiful words I came across recently. As someone who’s almost always productive, but did not have a productive year, these words have helped me see 2021 from a meaningful perspective.

I have always believed that timing is everything so consider this your sign as well if you need it.

2021 Thoughts - She Sweats Diamonds - green quote - Bianca Sparacino - Rainbow salt
Words by Bianca Sparacino of Rainbow Salt

That said, I don’t have a 2021 recap of all the amazing things I’ve experienced or accomplished like I’m seeing most people sharing because the words above from Bianca were more so my reality. Considering it was the Year of the Ox (which is my sign on the Chinese zodiac), it was definitely not “my year” per se.

From health issues continuing on from 2020 to losing my Poppy to having technical problems with my website (that hindered me from blogging since November) to struggling with being in the red zone (more on this later) for many months AND ending the year with the flu and literal rashes on my eyes, I can’t say it’s been a fantastic year. And that’s just a HANDFUL of the negative things I’ve experienced.

However, I have to say that while I’m not minimizing what had come up against me, I am still VERY much blessed compared to what I’ve seen others go through this year.

My family and friends are healthy.

I am healthy.

My relationship with Christ is getting stronger by the day.

These three truths prove that God is still faithful.

glass coupe - crystal earrings - NYE jewelry

I’m not going to lie. I’ve never been more terrified entering a new year, but for the last week or so, God has given me so much peace about 2022. While I may not know what the future holds, I do know Who holds the future.

No matter what you’ve been through yourself this year, I pray for a very joyous, positive, peaceful, and super healthy upcoming year for you and your loved ones.

I know I have not been a great resource at all this year to each of you. I pray that 2022 will be the best year for all of us — one overflowing with love, miracles, truth, peace, and unity.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for still being here with me. I appreciate you all more than you know.

Happy New Year!


Huong By Huong
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