Luxury lives in the finer details. It’s a cloth napkin at a dinner table. It’s a mint on your pillow before bed. —Iggy Azalea

Last year, I went all out for my birthday in terms of what I wanted to splurge for myself.

Since I rarely treat myself on my birthday, I ended up getting myself a new phone, watch, and an Audrey Leighton dress.

This year? I kept it a lot more low key and it also got me thinking about how I want to live rich a life of luxury.

To enjoy life’s little luxuries has always been my dream. Whether it’s new makeup, beautifully scented candles, or having quiet moments to put a puzzle together, I want to enjoy life more than ever before.

My goal is to never coast through life, but intentionally live it. And that brings me to today’s fun article! Since my birthday is today, I thought I’d share a little haul with you guys on what I purchased to celebrate life a little bit better!



When Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launched her beauty brand at the end of August, I knew I had to get my hands on her collection. I ended up getting two lip & cheek colors, hydrating concealer, and toner.

I’ve yet to try my purchases as I’ve been neck deep in Fashion Month, but I must say that the packaging is so beautiful! If you’re a sucker for good packaging, you won’t be disappointed!

I can’t wait to play with my new makeup when I have more time in the next week or so!

Rose Inc. - Clean Beauty - 2021 Birthday Haul - She Sweats Diamonds blog

Garden Glory white watering can - The Bouqs fall flowers - Birthday Haul - She Sweats Diamonds


I’ve been wanting to garden for awhile so I finally pulled the trigger on a luxury gardening brand I’ve had my eye on for years.

After waiting since mid-August, my white and gold garden spade and this white diamond-shaped watering can finally arrived all the way from Sweden last week!

Guys, I’m SO impressed with the product and the packaging!!! It truly felt like I was opening a gift for myself. I can’t wait to use my new gardening gear this coming spring!


If you’re a regular around here, you know how much I love/talk about Diptyque candles.

Hey, I’m very boujee when it comes to candles and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Well, this fall, I treated myself to a woody scented Paris candle! And before summer ended, I also got myself a Cire Trudon candle too. Hey, when autumn is coming, you have to be armed and ready!

I mean, what’s fall without good candles, right?!

Diptyque roses candle - 2021 limited edition - She Sweats Diamonds - Birthday Haul

Haven Namai candles - neutral candles - brass candle snuffer - gold wick trimmer - She Sweats Diamonds - Birthday Haul


Speaking of candles, when Jessi Malay opened her new home brand, Haven Namai, I couldn’t type fast enough! True story, I missed initial her candle launch. When she announced a second restock end of September, I did not play games.

My birthday haul came in just in time last week and guys, my neutral-heart melted!!! From the stunning color palette to the beautiful scents, I was in heaven! Part of me doesn’t want to burn them, they’re so beautiful!!!

Do yourself a favor and just pre-order. You can thank me later!


I’m all about aesthetics and workout equipment is no exception. When I found Kenko last year as I was looking to start a home gym, I fell in love! I mean head over heels type of love.

A year later and I’m still lusting after this brand. I love how their pieces look so beautiful whether they’re being used or laying around. I have my eye on the resistance band first and foremost!

Image via CB2

I hope you enjoyed this fun article today!

I’ll be spending my birthday weekend enjoying my haul, catching up on my to-do list, and sleep!


Huong By Huong
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