“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.” —Andy Rooney

Well, the original opener of this article was, “Happy Thanksgiving Eve, loves! I don’t do a lot of gift guides so I usually leave it until the end of the year to help you guys with your Christmas shopping.” Well, with Christmas being ten days away, I really left it to the end of the year, haha!

Between my day job, rekindling some old friendships, and trying to get some sleep, I haven’t had time to write any new articles. And to be honest, I’ve been working on this massive Christmas gift guide since November.

Lesson learned. With the amount of time it’s taken me, I will start in September next year!

Anyway, I wasn’t about to let all the hard work on 2020 Holiday Gift Guide go, so even though I’m sharing it pretty late in the game, I’m still sharing it for those after Christmas sales!

And because secrets don’t make friends, here’s ultimate 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

Women are easy to shop for, it just depends on her personal style and practical needs. Once you know that, one of these gift ideas might just be the perfect present after such a stressful year.2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Her - She Sweats Diamonds

Brass jewelry stand — The perfect gift for the woman or girl who wants to display her most treasured baubles!

Travel makeup case — A great makeup case to stay organized for now and for when travel opens back up in the future!

Lip and cheek stain* — One of my favorite influencers, Camila Coelho, launched her beauty brand this year. And with her glowing skin, why wouldn’t I give one of her products to a woman in my life?

Cable-knit wool sweater — A super luxe, soft, and cozy sweater to keep her warm and stylish!

Neutral liquid lipstick — Who wouldn’t want a lip color from one of the luxurious brands in beauty?

Bath and body serum* — I’ve mentioned this black-owned brand before and I’ll mention it again. Just trust me and get a bottle of this gold magic for the woman in your life. She will LOVE it!

Wool beanie — Practical, warm, and stylish!

Eyelash serum — I’ve been using this eyelash conditioner since the end of summer. And even though I don’t apply it every night, I still see growth! I definitely prefer this brand over Neulash.

Away Mini – I own several of these travel cases and have given some away as gifts every year. Whether it’s toiletries or tech cords like my best friends uses hers for, no matter your needs or lifestyle, you can fit a lot in these cases!

Eternity roses — I’d love to get a bouquet of roses that would last me a year! What floral-loving woman wouldn’t?! How stunning would this be on a coffee table or a bookcase in an office?

Five Minute Journal — One of the best gift ideas for my 2020 holiday gift guide is this journal that will help you get into the habit of having an attitude of gratitude.

Bamboo duvet cover* — I’ve had this eco-friendly duvet cover since sharing my bedroom reveal a few months ago. It feels like silk, but it’s NOT silk! I promise this is THE softest duvet cover you’ll ever come across! I’m eyeing another color for spring/summer next year. It’s that good!


Most of us are spending more time outdoors this year and plan to prioritize it for 2021 too. Some of these gift ideas are a “Duh” and some, I bet you didn’t think of yet, so you’re welcome!2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Outdoor & Adventure - She Sweats Diamonds

Black and gold garden spade — I don’t care how much this gift recommendation ages me, haha! I’m all about aesthetics and yes, that includes garden tools. Since I don’t own a house yet, I’ll settle for a small diamond watering can and this gorgeous spade.

Modern garden hose — It’s 2020 and gifting a garden hose is NOT unusual. I mean, if people on your list are spending more time outdoors, especially tending to their gardens, why not, am I right?! I’ve had Garden Glory on my radar for years now, dreaming that one day, when I have a home with a garden, that I’d water my flowers with a beautiful garden hose with a brass nozzle.

Bala Bangles — For those of us who miss the gym, but can’t work out because our local or apartment gyms are still closed, why not be productive while wearing wrist/ankle weights? I wouldn’t mind wearing a set while mopping!

Insulated storage water bottle — I’ve never tried this water bottle brand before, but the storage part is really intriguing especially if you prefer running/walking without a backpack or running belt.

Bluetooth massager – After a year of being inactive, I’m pretty sure this gift will be perfect for those who will experience sore muscles after getting back into exercising/working out.

Apple watch — Take it up a notch and instead of going for a Fitbit for the fitness-focused in your life, go for an Apple watch. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Oura ring – I first heard about this ring from Marianna and loved the idea of it! I mean if you’re not in the mood to wear your Apple watch/Fitbit or don’t even like wearing watches, I think this ring is a great alternative!

Workout gloves — After putting these through the test at the gym and through the washer many times, suffice to say, these babies were still going strong before the pandemic hit! If you’re wondering how I take care of them, I put them in a zipped pillow case when I wash them and let them air dry.

Exercise ball — The perfect gift for anyone who is looking to work out at home. It also helps with balancing and strengthening the core.

Workout leggings — The best and most practical leggings for the active ones on your list! My brother gifted a similar pair of these leggings from this brand to me about five years ago and they are still going strong! The pockets on the sides are perfect for Airpods, ID, credit cards, cash, etc.

APL sneakers — I said it before and I’ll say it again. Get the NICEST people on your list a pair of APLs or at least a gift card for them if you don’t know their shoe size. Promise you s/he will love them! These are definitely one of my top picks for my 2020 holiday gift guide!


If you’ve ever thought guys are hard to shop for, check out this gift guide for the men in your life!2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Him - She Sweats Diamonds

Books — Good reads such as Transformed and Mask of Masculinity are a few I’d gift to the men in my life who are always looking to grow and get better. Don’t forget a subscription to Audible is a great alternative too if you’re planning on giving virtual gifts this year!

Wireless charging pad — I’m new to this particular type of charging pad, but why not include it in my 2020 holiday gift guide if it pretty much charges our life, right? I know the men in your life will love it when he wants to switch rooms throughout the house and while he’s traveling when life returns to a new normal.

Tabletop tripod — I bought this mini tripod earlier this year and realized that I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t put it in this gift guide for men! It’s amazing and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I use it all the time for my day job. If your guy works from home, this tripod is such a sleek yet practical gift! Instead of leaning his phone on a stack of books, he can put his smart phone on this tabletop tripod. If you want to give him options for both landscape and portrait mode, nab this universal smartphone clamp too because the clamp that comes with the tabletop tripod is only for landscape mode.

Yeti tumbler — If the men in your life has transitioned to work from home, chances are, he doesn’t get up often to go to the water cooler due to back-to-back calls. Why not get him this large tumbler that will keep his hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold? That way, you’ll ensure he gets in his water intake too!

A bottle of cologne — You can never go wrong with a bottle of Dior Sauvage. If you’re looking for a men’s fragrance, just trust me on this. It isn’t just for him. ::wink wink::

Sonos One — Guys, trust me when I say that the men in your life need a Sonos speaker. Podcasts and music will NEVER sound the same with any other brand. Once he goes Sonos, he’ll never go back!

Laptop stand — I personally own this laptop stand and can vouch that the guys in your life need one if they have a laptop. It brings their laptop screen to eye level and also improves their posture! It’s substantial, keeps his laptop cool, and has a hole in the back for any cords. If he has a wireless keyboard, he can tuck it away right on the keyboard stash too!


My best friends and I love sentimental and silly things so here are a few practical and funny gift ideas that will make you and your gift recipient laugh, haha!2020 Holiday Gift Guide Funny Gifts - Fun Gift Ideas - She Sweats Diamonds

Filthy rich napkins — To me, pulling this out to wipe your face with at dinner with friends would be sooo funny, hahaha!

Funny coffee mug —Who wouldn’t want to drink out of this mug? My guess is a morning person would gift this to a non-morning person, hahaha!

Pizza blanket — Forget pizza socks, that’s just a slice. Get the pizza-obsessed gift recipient the whole pie, ha!

Cancelled Plans candle – I came across these hilarious and relatable candles while browsing Nordstrom last week and had to include them. The problem is, I can see why I need to own their entire collection!

Funny socks – Guys, I can’t even with these socks. Even working from home, they are still sooo relavent, LOL!

Miniature violin — As a former violinist, this is hilarious!! I actually want one so I can carry it around and play it when someone complains about the smallest, most unimportant things in life. Can you imagine what an amazing icebreaker doing that would be?! I’m laughing just thinking about it!!!

The Office Funko Pop — If you have a best friend like I do who loves The Office, s/he might like having a little Michael to supervise them while they work from home!

Thousand-piece puzzle — I’d love this black and white gradient puzzle to keep myself busy and wouldn’t mind going for a non-traditional one like this wooden jigsaw puzzle either! Let’s just say this gift is one of great distraction for those who won’t be able to go home this holiday season!

Funny gift bag — Although I don’t know the size of this gift bag, I will make my present fit just to gift this bag away, ha!

Family board game — If you plan on getting together with family/friends, this board game should be on the list for someone who loves to play games. This family board game has over 5,550 5-star reviews, so you can gift it now for small gatherings or save it for after the pandemic is over and everyone wants to hang out and have fun! Just stay safe, keep your distance, and air-five for now if you must play games with family, ha!


I’m all about quality so if someone on your list just moved or are planning to move soon, consider these practical gifts they’ll need for their new home!2020 Holiday Gift Guide For the Home - She Sweats Diamonds

Nespresso Vertuo Next* — I’ve had my machine since the beginning of summer and dare I say that I do not miss Starbucks at all? No, not even a little bit! Since I love iced coffee year-round, my favorite pods are the Ice Leggero and Bianco Leggero flavors! This is probably the one item from my 2020 holiday gift guide where you’ll get the most bang for your buck and you are able to recycle their pods by sending them back to Nespresso in the mailer they provide free of charge!

Marble Triangle Peg Solitaire — I purchased this stunning tabletop game a year ago and even though we don’t have guests over because of the pandemic, it’s still a staple. Sometimes, if I need a mental break, I just play this puzzle game to keep my mind occupied.

Glass food containers* — Make a point to give those around you gifts that will help them live more sustainably (whether they know it or not). And the first is to replace their plastic food containers with beautiful glass containers!

Elements of Cooking cookbook — I’m a decent cook thanks to my mom, but I wanted to become better over time by learning more of the basics of cooking. If you have someone on your list who loves to watch cooking channels and is experimenting a ton in the kitchen, this is the perfect gift if s/he doesn’t already own it!

Yeti mug — Keeps hot drinks hot. What more of a practical gift could a person need during the winter months?

Glass straws* — My best friend gifted me these glass straws a year ago. I’ve been using them non-stop ever since I found out that I did not like metal straws. They’re extremely well-made and have lasted through many cycles in the dishwasher!

A sleek recliner — This gift would be the ultimate gift of gifts. Not only is it a stunning piece of furniture, it’s also very comfortable! I tried it when I was in-store before the pandemic hit so I’d know, ha!

Vitamix blender — My best friends got me this kitchen must-have for my birthday this year and it’s finally on its way to me. I’ve heard about it for years and to get back on track with my health, I figured I’d start making more homemade foods and new-to-me recipes since I’m at home more now.

Fluffy rug — I’ve had this Indochine rug in the Indigo color for years and it’s held up SO well through every day use, vacuuming, and professional cleaning. If you want a super soft rug that adds a bit of a luxe vibe to your home, trust me and treat yourself to this nice rug!


Believe me when I say that the fashion lovers in your life miss dressing up. A LOT. Take their gift up a notch by adding to her closet, even if it’s for next year!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Fashion Lover - She Sweats Diamonds

Wool coat — I love how the ribbing on the sleeves adds a modern look to this classic tan wool coat.

Crossbody bag — Give a woman a bag that stores all her essentials so she can be hands-free to conquer the world! I’ve had this handbag on my wishlist for many years. Pretty sure this luxe handbag will cover an entire year’s worth of gifts!

Cashmere scarf — The softest scarf in the most classic check print! It’s been on my wishlist for years too!

Sparkly bobby pins — I don’t do my hair often anymore, but I’d totally would make an effort with these hair clips because it wouldn’t require much effort, ha!

Leather ankle boots — Could anything be more perfect than a pair of boots that go with everything?!

Adjustable leather belt — I don’t buy many of the same things in different colors, but for this belt, I’d make an exception! It’s unique enough with classic vibes. If you’re going to choose one fashion-related thing from my 2020 holiday gift guide, this is it!

Crystal earrings — Quite possibly the most perfect sparkly earrings for the holidays and New Year’s! These have been on my wishlist since I saw them on Camila Coelho last year!

Pleated military dress —Lydia Millen just dropped her second edit over at Karen Millen and it’s SO good! I’m in love with this dress! Add tights and pumps for work, dress it down with boots, or heels for a night out. It’s definitely for those who love the sleek and modern look!

DL1961 jeans* — I first purchased a pair of jeans from this brand in 2012 and called them my baby butt jeans. Yep, they’re as soft as a baby’s butt. Do I need to say anything else?


What beauty lover wouldn’t want to be pampered even more so this holiday season?2020 Holiday Gift Guide - Beauty Gift Ideas - She Sweats DiamondsAnti-aging moisturizer —My sister-in-love recommended it to me (she works at a dermatologist office) and I’m in love with the formula! It’s not greasy and leaves no tacky residue behind. I’m pretty sure this is a permanent skincare staple.

Face serum — This gift is pricey, but it’s worth every dime because it’s such a miracle worker! My sister-in-love also recommended this to me. My acne scarring faded in just three days (I know, right?) and my skin is much brighter too! If there’s anything you should splurge on from my 2020 holiday gift guide, let this be it!

Luxe matte lipstick — The most beautiful nude lipstick in the most beautiful packaging would make the most surprising gift. I mean, good things do come in small packages!

Luxe hand sanitizer — If your gift recipient likes rose scents, this is somewhat strong, but not overpowering. It sinks in to the hands right away and isn’t sticky or drying. Perfect for the current times and for travel in the future!

Hair Mask* — My blogger friend, Rachel, recommended this hydration hair mask to me. And ladies and gentlemen, it works! My hair is now shiny, less dull and frizzy. Thanks, Rachel!

Dry shampoo for dark hair — I pulled the trigger last month on this haircare brand after hearing about it for so long and I have not been disappointed! Finally, a dry shampoo that works for dark-haired people!

Hydrating facial cleanser — To me, this facial cleanser smells like a spa! My sister-in-love also recommended it to me  and I love, love, love how it doesn’t dry out my skin!

Perfume gift set* — What beauty lover wouldn’t want a cruelty-free fragrance gift set? It comes with a fragrance, perfume oil, and candle! And if s/he loves sandalwood scents like I do, this gift would be such a treat!

Liquid lipstick set — The cutest gift set for the luxury beauty lover! I like how the shades are neutral, holiday, and winter-themed!

Cryo dual roller — I’ve mentioned this rose quartz roller* many times because I own and love using it. The rose quartz is heavy and well-made and I wouldn’t mind owning this cryo facial roller too! What beautiful self-care gifts to give, right?!

Shower gel & body lotion set* — Although my gift recommendation doesn’t come in a set, you can’t go wrong with gifting Le Labo. Anything from this brand is going to be such a treat for someone on your list!


Whether your gift recipient is a real homebody or forced to be one (ha!), these are the perfect gift ideas for those who are at home a lot now and would be in the future.2020 Holiday Gift Guide For the Homebody - She Sweats Diamonds

Face balm* — Another skincare product I’ve heard about so much. And go figure, it’s a British brand (I adore European brands)! I’m not surprised because I already nabbed this baby from my own 2020 holiday gift guide!

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool purifying heater + fan* — After owning their vacuum, I put this air purifier with heater and fan on my wishlist and it’s been on there for a few years now. Not only is Dyson a great brand to add to your home, their focus on sustainability helps YOU to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Now, this is a company I can get behind!

Long-sleeve pajama set — A lovely set of pajamas to lounge around? Yes to the gift of comfort, please!

Wick trimmer — To keep your candles burning evenly and lasting longer, you need to trim your wicks. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, I can do it with scissors!” Yeah, I thought so too. However, it’s hard to trim a wick at the bottom of a candle, much less drop it.

APL shearling slides — Trust me, as a long-time fan of APL, go for the one-for-you-one-for-me rule when it comes to this gift. I mean, you deserve a good gift for getting someone a good gift, Yes, I just justified it for you. Consider it a sign.

Long robe — This not only looks soft, but it comes in four neutral colors. My problem? How would I ever choose just one color after seeing the positive reviews?!

Weighted blanket* — My best friend gave me a weighted blanket a few years ago and it’s been a life-saver for my anxiety. Since mine is plain-looking, I just put it underneath my duvet. If you’re looking a nice-looking weighted knit blanket, one of my blogger friends shared this one. I thought it was so pretty so I had to share it with you too! I love that it adds some texture to your sofa/bed and comes in several colors.

Cozy socks — I own several pairs of these super soft socks and can vouch that they are the perfect gift for the homebody!

Diptyque holiday candle set — Okay, what true homebody wouldn’t want to light a good candle to enjoy?

Invisibobble hair ties — Even though these are plastic hair ties, I have used these hair ties more than any other type. And trust me, I’ve used a ton. I have super thick and wavy hair so most hair ties would slide or break. These have a great grip and holds a ponytail or if I need, a tight bun all day! It also doesn’t leave any bumps in my hair either and to boot, I have not lost a single tie!


Gifts to give those on your list that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Men, if you’re needing a gift idea, nothing on this list is wrong. Believe me.2020 Holiday Gift Guide Luxury Gift Ideas - She Sweats Diamonds

Statement pumps — If you’re looking for the ultimate luxe shoe to gift this year, Opyum Pumps are it!

Diamond stud earrings — A small gift with big impact.

Diamond watch strap* — I’m pretty sure there is nothing more luxurious you can give this holiday season than a diamond watch strap, specifically designed for the Apple watch. What jewelry lover in your life wouldn’t want a sleek silver or gold watch strap made with ethical diamonds?! I promise you, this gift will be one to remember!

Tortoise sunglasses — A pair of timeless square-shaped sunglasses in the most stunning, classic tortoise shade? Need.

CHANEL classic flap — I cannot complete my 2020 holiday gift guide without including the ultimate luxury gift. I don’t need to say anything else, do I?

Armani Privé Pivoine Suzhou Soie de Nacre — Quite possibly the best-smelling fragrance in the best-looking packaging. The perfect gift for the perfume lover in your life! It’s my favorite scent to wear during the holidays. For my UK readers, you can get a bottle at Selfridges!

Diamond band ring — A reasonably-priced diamond right that’s tasteful and classic? Yep, you can do no wrong, guys!

CHANEL cardholder — You don’t get a classic flap bag of all bags without a matching cardholder!

Coffee table book — Chanel, Saint Laurent, Dior coffee table book, you can do no wrong with anything from her favorite fashion house(s)!

La Mer — In my opinion, this skincare brand tops the list of the most luxurious skincare brands to ever exist. If the person you want to gift this skincare brand to has never tried any of their products before, you can’t go wrong with a La Mer gift set!

A bottle of wine — A bottle of Veuve Cliquot or Whispering Angel is the perfect hostess gift at any time of the year. Whether it’s the holidays, a special occasion, or just finishing a work day, why not give the gift of celebration?

What do you think of the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide?!

I hope everything these gift guides are helpful for everyone on your list this year and for years to come.

Should you choose to use my links, thank you! As I do receive a commission, albeit a small one, your support is greatly appreciated, especially this holiday season.

Disclosure: (*) denotes sustainable / eco-friendly gifts 


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