2019 Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

2019 Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide - She Sweats Diamonds - The Lovely Cottage - Megan Reunion

I don’t do gift guides as much as I used to, however, with one and half weeks to go until Christmas, I thought I’d share a super quick 2019 stocking stuffers gift guide for those final few on your nice list! I’ve separated the guide into five categories with five gift ideas each to keep things real simple for you.

And note, I’ve seen some giant stockings before, so I won’t put it past some of you guys to be able to stuff a few of these larger gifts into a stocking, haha! Enjoy!


For the women who love the luxury life, but also practical items, these gifts are sure to put a smile on her face time and again.


Speaking of practicality, I do not know one man who wouldn’t use at least one gift on this list! Let’s just say my best guy friends are lucky to be in my inner circle. They know who they are!


Giving workout equipment should really be for those whom you know very well. For people in your life who live and breathe fitness, these gifts aren’t a bad idea. And if you’re still unsure, a gift card to Carbon38 always does the trick!


I have a few friends who love camping and the great outdoors. And these gifts are sure to put a smile on their face along with them scrambling to book their next outdoor adventure to use said gifts!


And lastly, for the homebody in your life, these luxe gifts would be ones I’d want to receive myself. Winter’s coming so you know these gifts will keep on giving for quite some time!

Told you it was going to be short and sweet!

My friends and I chose to only do stockings and will be doing bigger gifts in February since we want to reduce the time and stress of Christmas shopping for those on our list. I don’t know what it is about stockings, but I think they’re even more fun to open so I can’t wait to stuff my friends’ stockings!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post because quite a few things on my 2019 Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide are sustainable stocking stuffer gifts too.

Let me know if these ideas help you check off a few more people on your list!

Image via The Lovely Cottage by Megan Runion


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