2017 Shopbop Sale: Spring Picks Under $200

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2017 Shopbop Sale: Spring Picks Under $200 | She Sweats Diamonds

Three words: 2017 Shopbop sale. If you happen to read fashion blogs, it’s obvious that a sale is happening, lol! Honestly, I wasn’t planning on posting about the 2017 Shopbop sale like other bloggers. However, after purging my closet for the last month, I wanted to post what I plan on replacing in my wardrobe for my future reference.

Since there’s a ton of inventory on the website, I found it easier to itemize my own closet first. From there, I write down what I need to replace or am missing. Then I save the items to my wishlist or add them to my shopping cart. I’ve found that if I do it this way, I’m already in edit mode. Additionally, I don’t get overwhelmed as much.

If you’re in need for some spring pieces, check out my personal picks below. All pieces are under $200. I separated my picks into different categories in case some of you are looking for specific pieces. That way, you don’t have to scroll through a long shopping bar. Each category has about 6-8 picks.

Most of my choices for my spring and summer wardrobe are way under $100 too! Just click on the image to shop and don’t forget to use code EVENT17 when you check out! 

2017 Shopbop Sale: Spring Picks Under $200 | She Sweats Diamonds


First up, dresses! During my purge, I sold and gave away so many spring/summer dresses that didn’t fit my style or fit me anymore. For my picks, I chose dresses that screamed spring: white, stripes, lace, embroidery and ruffles. I also added some cold-shoulder and off-the-shoulder dresses into the mix. I’m still on the hunt for a bell-sleeve dress and an eyelet dress though! 


Off-the-shoulder is a trend I’m definitely easing myself into because I tried a top in high school and hated it. One of my fashion pet peeves is constant tugging and pulling. If you have to adjust what you’re wearing, it’s just not worth it. Now that it’s been a decade, I think I can give it a try once again. Sidenote, I laugh when a few of my friends wonder why there’s fabric missing when they see someone wear a cold-shoulder top. Me? I actually love the look of a cold-shoulder top or dress. It’s sexy without being revealing, like oo la la, shoulder…lol!


I bought some distressed denim shorts from J. Crew Factory a few years ago and have been wearing them to death! Since they’re the only pair I own, I wanted to venture a bit more outside of my comfort zone. For about $88, these black faux leather shorts would be perfect for summer concerts. I LOVE the whipstitching on the hem! I also chose different washes of shorts, including these white striped scalloped shorts, if you’re looking for a more cleaner and polished look.


This sad panda said goodbye to many pairs of boots and booties these last few months. Upon cleaning up my closet, I realized I needed a refresh with flat sandals, have a single pair of neutral flats and no spring booties. Without a doubt, these cute colorblock espadrilles are similar to the Chanel espadrilles we’ve been seeing these last few years, but for way less!


I’m not a huge fan of swimwear because I haven’t taught myself how to swim. I know. I’m super late to the game. However, I have a few pool-side staples like this front-bandieu one-piece swimsuit from Nordstorm in mint green. And let’s talk about how cute this one-piece swimsuit is! I love the simplicity! Additionally, the sleeves are just adorable! Hey, I can lay by the pool and look cute without having to swim! 

The 2017 Shopbop Sale is now through Friday, April 14th.

For this sale, you can spend how much ever you want and still save money. Obviously, if you decide to spend over $500, you save more. The deal is 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders $500 or more.

If you’re iffy about sizing, take advantage and order a few different sizes. Since the sale includes free shipping AND returns on all orders, you can return what doesn’t fit. I know this sounds weird, but I’m semi-frugal when it comes to shipping costs so I love this part of the sale!

I don’t plan on spending a whole ton, just enough to begin replacing some pieces for the upcoming season. 

What are you eyeing from the 2017 Shopbop Sale

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