A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. —Barbara Johnson

If you know me, you know I do not have much of a sweet tooth. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to make treats.

Christmas is no doubt my favorite time of the year. For me, the holiday festivities have already begun!

To keep things fun and light here on She Sweats Diamonds this week, I wanted to share with you ten things that get me into the Christmas spirit. I just feel all warm and fuzzy writing these out, hah!10 Things That Get Me in the Christmas Spirit | She Sweats Diamonds - mini Christmas tree decoration idea - Magnolia Christmas ornament - Letters to Santa ornament

I get so giddy writing these out!

Here they are (in no particular order of course):

  1. The top thing that gets me in the Christmas spirit is snuggling on the couch with my Barefoot Dreams blanket and watching my favorite Christmas movies: Home Alone 1 & 2, Christmas Vacation, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story.
  2. Making stovetop Christmas potpourri. It’s so exciting when you finally start to smell Christmas. Literally.
  3. Taking in the holiday visuals stores put together. Visual teams do such a wonderful job and every window is beautiful in their own way. One of my life goals is to visit NYC and London during Christmas time! Brits definitely know how to do Christmas!
  4. Driving around with my friends looking at Christmas lights makes my heart so, SO happy!
  5. Building our ever-growing gingerbread village with my best friends and laughing at our amateur decorating skills, even after doing this for the last five years, lol!
  6. Putting up Christmas decorations is my jam. I hope to completely deck out our home one day with my future husband!
  7. Attending a candlelight service at my church is always on my list. The voices of those around you joining together to sing while hundreds of candles glow and flicker is just so beautiful at Christmas time!
  8. Hearing the crackling of a fireplace. But since I don’t have one, I love the sounds of a good Woodwick candle!
  9. Getting Christmas cards in the mail from my blogger friends is the cherry on top. Since nearly all of my good blogger friends are long-distance, this is one way I feel and stay connected to them.
  10. Using creations my own friends have made, like these Christmas tags my friend, Jess, over at Union Shore designed!

For a bonus, I’m going to say opening an advent calendar (I did it for the first time ever this year), especially a beauty advent calendar gets me into a jolly mood! ::Forest Gump voice:: You never know what you’re gonna get!

I’d love it if you could share with me what gets you in the holiday spirit too! Leave a comment below!

Side note, I’ve scheduled posts to go live this week right here on the blog, but I’ll be off the grid until the end of the week to be with family. I suggest you be in the moment too!


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