10 Brands for Stylish Workout Clothes

10 Brands for Stylish Workout Clothes | She Sweats Diamonds
When it comes to fitness, I find it much easier to get my workouts in when my look is on point even while I’m sweating up a storm. Since I’m a huge fan of fashion, I love that fitness brands are finally realizing that it’s okay to have workout clothes that are stylish, edgy and cute while holding up to intense sweat sessions. I’m not so much a fan of looking cute when I work out. Maybe it’s the empowered feeling I get when I punch a bag, do push ups or jump squats, but I feel more confident when my fitness style is more edgy and sleek.

Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite brands that I’ve discovered (that are NOT Lululemon) so you can expand your horizons when it comes to fitness fashion. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to look even hotter while you’re working out, right?

Heroine Sport

For stylish workout clothes, if you love a small yet carefully curated collection, Heroine Sport is definitely your kind of style. Neutrals like black, grey and white with pops of color are right up your alley! What won me over? The cuts, cutouts and mesh! This black studio jacket and these amazing workout pants are so on my wishlist! I mean, look at the full look! While you’re at it, check out their Instagram!


Carbon 38 won’t let you down with a mix of cute and edgy pieces. Their inventory is pretty big (not massively big where you’re overwhelmed) so you’ll be sure to find something for yourself on their website. My personal favorite? These moto leggings are the bomb dot com! You can also purchase similar moto leggings here. I just love the founders’ idea on how the Carbon38 name came about and their story on how they started the company.

Koral Activewear

I love bright looks, but for fitness, I usually like to keep the color in my shoes (like this amazing Nikes). However, I’d make an exception for these awesome blue leggings!


If you want a one-stop shop that includes everything from neutrals to brights and funky prints, I believe you’ve found your new favorite fitness shop. Look at these blush moto leggings! Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face. Oh and the former athlete in me (yes, dance is a sport) loves the fact that they have this blush lace up jacket. #gimme


Another awesome company that speaks my kind of language with neutrals like black, grey and white. I love that they mixed it up by adding pops of jewel tones throughout their collection. I know I’d kill my workout if I wore this top and these leggings to my sweat session!

Old Navy

I have quite a few running tees from Old Navy and they’ve held up well after many tennis matches and workouts. I highly recommend their activewear if you’re looking for affordable AND colorful!

C9 Champion

If you like cute AND stylish workout clothes, C9 is great! Influenster sent me this sports bra to try and I loved it so naturally, I bought some running shorts and two more sports bras in a more fun and brighter pattern! This cami sports bra is next on my list!

Victoria’s Secret Sport

VS is my backup for stylish workout clothes when I’m looking to replace a thick pair of leggings. I have a pair of biker shorts, running shorts, and leggings from them and the leggings are amazing!!! Just a side note, their lengths are NOT the lengths of regular pants. For instance, I have a 30″ inseam in jeans/pants. I ordered a long, which is a 30″ inseam and it was long. The short, which is a 26″ inseam would’ve sufficed. You’ve been warned!


I heard so many great things from bloggers to friends about their amazing leggings! From reviews I’ve seen, this brand holds up real well, is comfy and high quality. Nordstrom usually includes these in their Half Yearly Sale (for around $35) so if you can wait, I’d wait! I don’t know if I can wait because I want these awesome cutout leggings myself!

With these amazing and upcoming brands, I really think I could live in workout clothes everyday and still look put together! Fitness and fashion win in my book!

What do you think of the brands? What brands that aren’t big like Lululemon do you like? Please leave a comment below because I love discovering stylish workout clothes to add to my fitkits!

Image via Carbon38

Note: I was not compensated nor was asked to feature any of these brands from the company themselves or from a third party. I have not ordered or tried products from the brands mentioned above except for a pair of leggings from Heroine Sport. They’re brands I’ve tried or discovered on my own and wanted to express my personal opinions.