Transformation Thursday: October 2017

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Transformation Thursday: October 2017 | She Sweats Diamonds

And we’re back with the Transformation Thursday series! October has whizzed by faster than The Flash! The weather is finally starting to cool down here in Dallas so I’m even more excited for fall fashion! I did so much in October, but let’s save that for our virtual coffee date next week! 

Anyway, let’s talk about my finds for the month of October! 

Article (1 Minute Read)

Instagram Loop Giveaways – Are They Worth It? by Chic Pursuit – If you’re a fashion blogger or just love fashion in general, chances are that you’ve seen those loop giveaways. As a blogger myself, I hate them.

This article gives a great perspective if you’re thinking about hosting or participating in an Instagram loop giving away! 

Book (Mid-length read)

The Mask of Masculinity: How Men Can Embrace Vulnerability, Create Strong Relationships, and Live Their Fullest Lives by Lewis Howes

If you’ve been around SSD, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Lewis’s! So much so that I’m on his book launch team and have had the chance to preview his new book

I can’t give away too much, but this is not only geared towards men, but women as well. 

Lewis’s book will be released in less than a week! You can pre-order his book now or wait to get your hands on it on October 31st! I can’t wait to get his book on Audible too! 


HypeType is an app for the Instagram addict-er business person. Take your IG stories up a couple of notches! 

By adding animated text, you will get your followers to watch each story rather than skip through them! I’ve used the app a few times and love how easy it is! 

Beauty Brand

Beneath Your Mask – I came across this brand just last weekend at an event Neiman’s hosted called Indie Beauty Expo. I met the founder of Beneath Your Mask, Dana and her story is SO powerful! 

She told me about her diagnosis with lupus and how she couldn’t find skincare products to help her. Dana said that she couldn’t find anything that fit her standards so she made her own skincare regimen because it was important to her to know what was in her products. 

She gave her products to her friends and family as gifts. They ended up loving them and pestered her, wanting more and bam! That’s how Beneath Your Mask was born! 

She rubbed one of her products on my skin and it was AH-MAZING!!! You know a skincare product is special when you want to keep touching your skin, ha!

If you have lupus, I highly recommend you look into her skincare products because they might fit your needs. You can only find them exclusively at Neiman Marcus

Video (Length: 00:02:53)

How to Attract Sponsorships Through Storytelling – Gary Vaynerchuck Whether you like his brand style or not, you’ve got to admit that his message in this short video is BOMB. If you’re a blogger, this is a must-watch and apply video! 

That’s all for this month’s Transformation Thursday series! Happy Friday Eve!

If you’ve used any of these resources, let me know what you think!

Feel free to suggest any resources you use in the comments below! 


If you’re new here, Transformation Thursday is a series of monthly edit of resources I share. You can listen to, use, read or watch what I’ve found/used to improve various parts of your life. It is my hope that at least one resource in each post adds value to your life! 

Note: I was not gifted the products/services mentioned nor was I compensated or asked to review any of these brands or services. All opinions are solely my own.

Image via Beneath Your Mask


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  • jess | union shore
    October 30, 2017

    I’m not a fan of the loop giveaways either! I really don’t enter many because I’m kinda picky with who I follow…. but seriously, why are they still a thing?! No one wants to follow 30+ accounts! haha Then you just lose a bunch of “followers” when its over with.

    That’s awesome how she started her own beauty line! Her branding/packaging is lovely! And that app looks super fun! I will be checking it out!

    • Huong Vo
      October 31, 2017

      Me too! I don’t know why it’s still a thing, but I want my following to be based on people who have a genuine interest in following me. Don’t follow me if you don’t WANT to, you know? I think if giveaways involved a max of three accounts, it would work. 30? I laugh at that because it’s VERY annoying, lol!

      I know!! Dana is amazing! I’ll always keep her in mind when I talk to someone who has lupus. I agree. Her branding is so simple yet so beautiful! Let me know what you think of the app, love! xo

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Transformation Thursday: October 2017