Transformation Thursday: February 2018

Transformation Thursday February 2018 - She Sweats Diamonds - Beauty and The Vlog - Erika Vieira

Happy March, guys!

I am back with another Transformation Thursday! I know. Already?! Yep, time flies that quickly my friends! Soon, flowers will be blooming and the sun will be shining and with that comes, allergies and rain. Just kidding, haha! I’m not that much of a negative Nancy, lol! Always look on the bright side, friends. Silver lining, always! With March here, it means Spring fashion, but let’s save that for tomorrow!

Let’s dive into my finds for the month of February!

Article – Blogging (3 Minute Read)

53 Blogging Terms Every New Blogger Should KnowCori Ramos

I came across Cori on Pinterest when her pin popped up on my Pinterest feed. I decided to check her out and her blog post is very accurate! If you’re a new blogger, I highly recommend you check out her post to learn the terminology! As a self-taught blogger (I began back in 2004), I wish I knew these terms. It would’ve made things a lot easier!

Book (Short read)

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone

I started reading this book back in January and just finished it mid-February. Guys, let me tell you. Chapter 22 totally wrecked me. If you don’t like things sugar-coated, I highly suggest reading this book. Grant really hits you in the heart with truthbomb after truthbomb. I can’t say much more than that.

Blogger Product

DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones – If you record a lot of videos with your phone or camera, check out this crazy cool product that helps stabilize your camera when taking video/images. I plan on nabbing one in the coming months myself. You can also check out FeiYu – Vimble C Gimbal for Smartphones & Action Cameras for under $150 if you have a lower budget!

Blogger Resource

Beauty & The Vlog – You guys! I just discovered Erika through Pinterest and let me tell you, her content is SO helpful!! If you’re a new blogger, you have, no, NEED to go and pay her a visit. She puts out great and very valuable content!


Shoptagr – I discovered this website a few years back, but just started recently using it more. Shoptagr is kind of like Pinterest with a “save it for later” focus feature except that you get notified when products you want go on sale, are low in stock or if they come back in stock. You can set specifications as detailed as your size and color you want. I consider this online window-shopping to fuel the addiction-er get what you want on sale!

That’s all for this month’s Transformation Thursday series! Happy Friday Eve!

If you’ve used any of these resources, let me know what you think!

Feel free to suggest any resources you use in the comments below! 

If you’re new here, Transformation Thursday is a series of monthly edit of resources I share. You can listen to, use, read or watch what I’ve found/used to improve various parts of your life. It is my hope that at least one resource in each post adds value to your life! 

Note: I was not gifted the products/services mentioned nor was I compensated or asked to review any of these brands or services. All opinions are solely my own.

Image via Beauty & The Vlog

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Transformation Thursday: February 2018