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About Me | She Sweats Diamonds

Hey guys! I’m Huong, founder of She Sweats Diamonds.

I’m not your ordinary blogger.

What you see here is what you’re going to get. Just me sitting on the other side of your screen communicating and connecting with you to see how I can add value to your life and inspire you through the worlds of health, fashion, beauty and leadership. And you know what?

I’m going to be real with you too.

I’m here to make an income as well, but that’s not the entire purpose of this blog.

My sole focus is to provide value you can use to change your life. 

I feel that everyone always has room for personal growth, me included.

I’m also here to make a connection with you.

While I get to know you better, I want to also hold myself accountable with my own goals in life by publicly posting my journey on here.

Just think of this blog as an online diary of me adulting through life and as I figure out and learn new things, it’s my mission to serve you through my experiences!

Here’s how SSD got started and how the name came about.




About Me | She Sweats Diamonds

I’m from Dallas, Texas, born and raised! I graduated from UNT (Go Mean Green!) with a degree in communication studies, which is basically a fancy way to say that I LOVE to write and speak for a living.

I’m a follower of Christ, 9 to 5’er, paper cut survivor and health enthusiast. I’m fluent in five additional languages: pizza, pasta, avocados, cupcakes and macarons (when I’m in the mood for sweets).

My favorite colors are nude pink, beige, steel blue, turquoise, grey and white. I love anything marble and all metallics. One of my favorite things in life is playing with puppies of all sizes when I’m out and about (love meeting people this way).

I’m an extrovert and love spending my free time experimenting in the kitchen, reading blogs, articles, books, trying new things and learning all I can. You can also find me laughing at infomercials, cheesy jokes and puns all the time.

Anyway, I’m a huge morning person. I’m THAT annoying, “Morning is here! The morning is here! Sunshine is here! The sky is clear! The morning’s here! Get into gear! Breakfast is near, the dark of night has disappeared!” person (PLEASE tell me you got that reference). There’s always a 100% chance that we’ll take side detours to step on crunchy leaves if you’re taking a walk with me.

I love all kinds of music (except country, I consider that a form of torture). Worship music on the other hand, I can sing my heart out and get lost with. I was on the praise team at my old church and before that, I ran around with kids between the ages of 2 through 6 as a Sunday school teacher.

Speaking of, I’m always smiling because of Jesus. I’m eternally thankful for our relationship and who He is. Because of Him, I’ve learned to see the positive in every situation and the zest I have for life is because of Him and His grace.

That’s it about me! I promise you’ll get to know me and my personal life more through this blog, especially when we go on our virtual coffee dates!

Please feel free to connect with me!

With faith and happiness,
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