The Cut: No. 6

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The Cut- No. 6 - She Sweats Diamonds - sustainable living tips - Beauty Pie - Plantastic micropeeling drops

And we’re back to my monthly sustainable living blog post series, The Cut.

Kicking off the last month of 2019 and of the decade, I’m happy to report that the list of wonderful brands, products, and resources to help you live more sustainably keeps on growing! Let’s jump right into it!


Fashion is a large contributor to our landfills and pollution. To help our planet, here are some more great fashion brands you can purchase from and still do good.


Olivela is another company I just discovered these last few months and I would not be a friend if I didn’t tell you about this wonderful team! Olivela’s message is “luxury shopping with a purpose” and I couldn’t be more behind a brand that does good for our world. Shopping and giving back? Yes, please! With well-known brands such as Christian Louboutin, Rag & Bone, Zac Posen, and more, Olivela gives you the ultimate shopping experience without the guilt of making your wallet cry.

Here’s how it works: you shop and 20% of proceeds go to great causes. That’s it! Their partnerships range from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to Stand Up to Cancer (which is VERY near to my heart) to wildlife conservation. Check out all of their great charity partnerships and get to shopping!


I was first introduced to the beautiful Chopard brand when Kristina Bazan was a fashion blogger. Not only do they make beautiful jewelry, but they also produce handbags and accessories. They’ve started their sustainable journey in 2013, so it hasn’t been that long ago. However, I’m thrilled to put them on this issue of The Cut. I love that they’ve continued to learn more about their impact on the environment, have made more changes along the way, and continue to keep it as part of their focus of their brand.


Since I’m a huge beauty lover, I’m super excited to bring you some clean beauty brands I recently found to experiment with. Feel free to play with beauty with me!

Beauty Pie

A fantastic beauty resource I’ve recently discovered is Beauty Pie, which is a clean, cruelty-free beauty website. Yep, nothing else. You can purchase products from them at retail price or join as a member. Membership prices range from $10-$30/month or $99/year. Not a bad way to dip your toes into the clean beauty world!


Another beauty brand I’ve seen, but have yet to try is Murad. However, I just ordered their City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum sunscreen earlier this fall to take for a test drive when I’m done with my current sunscreen. Check out their mission to the environmentand our world! You can also shop their products at Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom to name a few retailers.

A beautiful brand focusing on making the world a better place is one I will always support.


One of the biggest things I’m starting now before I buy a home in the future is to invest in items that are environmentally friendly. Here are my recent finds and don’t you worry, I’ll be sharing more eco-friendly household items as I find them!

The White Company

I absolutely adore the U.K. and its people. I feel like British people know style fashion-wise and interiors. And The White Company is no exception as they are based in the U.K. I love their aesthetics on top of their corporate social responsibility. They have a Green Team where representatives from across their company meet to find ways to make it easier for their customers to recycle. How cool is that?! And I know that’s just the beginning.

I already started purchasing items for my future home that I’m using right now like this food container and I’m pretty sure this is just the start of my life-long obsession with their brand.


To continue to keep you informed and make better choices for our planet, here are some fascinating sources and/or articles I found regarding sustainable living.

Reducing carbon footprint

I found this fantastic article reduce carbon footprint. The author does a great job explaining carbon footprint, how it relates to fashion, and what you can do to reduce your footprint. Give it a read and let’s discuss!

And that’s it for the this the last issue of The Cut for 2019!

I hope you bookmark these posts so you can refer to them anytime you’re looking for a new-to-you brand, company, or a product you need.

Once again, I also cover sustainability over on my my Instagram and Pinterest accounts, so feel free to follow me! In case you missed it, I also just created sustainable living boards so check them out!

What did you like most from today’s post?

Feel free to comment and let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see in this series!

Image via Beauty Pie

Note: Please note that there’s a website called The Cut that covers a ton of topics for women including fashion and beauty. My blog post series is in no relation to The Cut website as it only focuses on sustainable, more mindful way of living.

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