The Cut: No. 4

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The Cut: No. 4 - She Sweats Diamonds - GUERLAIN Rouge G Customizable Lipstick with pink peonies background

Happy October, loves! Welcome back to my sustainable living blog post series, The Cut.

Another month as came and gone and I’m happy to tell you that I’ve continued to find a ton of great brands, products, and resources to help you live more sustainably! Let’s waste no time and dive into it!


Fashion is a large contributor to our landfills and pollution. To help our planet, here are some more great fashion brands you can purchase from and still do good.

& Other Stories

I just discovered this brand a few weeks ago after Lauren Gores shared their beautiful tortoise sunglasses. & Other Stories is a sustainable-focused fashion brand that’s committed to reducing carbon footprint. I love, love, LOVE that they have an in-store beauty and textile recycling program too!


Everlane is a brand that cares all about quality, ethically-made clothing. Their focus is so deep, that they partner with ethical factories only. If you’re browsing their products, you’ll see in the description where the product is made. Just click on the location and it takes you to a page about that country and the factory Everlane is using.

To me, that makes a fashion brand stand out so much!

I’ve been watching them for awhile and love what they’re doing. I even have some items on my wishlist, like these affordable cashmere sweaters!


Since I’m a huge beauty lover, I’m super excited to bring you some clean beauty brands I recently found to experiment with. Feel free to play with beauty with me!


Playa is another haircare brand I use and love! Although I don’t know about the full range of products, I have and use their hair oil. They are doing what I wish all beauty brands do: creating a way for customers to recycle their products after usage. I just hate throwing away beautiful packaging because it can’t be recycled so I appreciate what Playa is doing.


Yep, Guerlain, one of the most beautiful beauty brands on the planet is all about sustainability! Guerlain is focused on sustainable development. And there are six areas they’re focused on: eco-responsibility, transportation, responsible purchasing, eco-design, biodiversity, and social responsibility.

A beautiful brand focusing on making the world a better place is one I will always support.

You can shop Guerlain at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Sephora, or their directly from website. And for my U.K. friends, they’re available at Harrods and Selfridges.


One of the biggest things I’m starting now before I buy a home in the future is to invest in items that are environmentally friendly. Here are my recent finds and don’t you worry, I’ll be sharing more eco-friendly household items as I find them!

Boll & Branch

If you’re looking for a new eco-friendly mattress or sustainable bedding, I’d look into Boll & Branch. I saw this brand on Instagram a month ago and on television a few weeks ago and was very intrigued!

Upon further research, they transport their materials by boat to reduce carbon emissions. And their bedding products are made with sustainable raw materials and without harmful chemicals, pesticides or GMOs. On top of that, they’re committed to human rights so their brand is focused on fair trade and wages. Good products, focused on good people for the better of our planet? Yes, please!


To continue to keep you informed and make better choices for our planet, here are some fascinating sources and articles I found regarding sustainable living.

Vegan Handbag Guide

If you’re looking for a quality vegan handbag, this vegan bag guide is super helpful!

Benefits of Second-hand Shopping

Shopping for pre-loved goods is on the rise and I’m SO thrilled about it! Since I’m no stranger to consignment shopping, I wanted to share this great article on the benefits of second-hand shopping with you. I am in no way endorsing any of the shops mentioned in that article. Please, please, please do thorough research if you’re going to purchase from a consignment shop online. Personally, I prefer to shop at a local consignment stores in my city, but it’s up to you!

And that’s it for the start of the second quarter of The Cut!

I truly hope you’re loving this series and keep coming back to refer to these posts because I’m thoroughly enjoying finding amazing brands and products for you to live more sustainably.

If you have Instagram, I just cleaned up my highlights on my stories to better serve you on this topic. I hope to see you over on my Instagram so come say hi!

However, if you’re more into Pinterest, feel free to follow me over there because I just created some sustainable living boards. I hope you’ll join me on that platform to get inspired to live a more Earth-friendly lifestyle! Just excuse the slight mess as I’m working on cleaning up my boards!

What did you enjoy most from today’s post?

Feel free to let me know in the comments if there is anything else you’d like to see in this series!

Image taken by me. Lipstick is shade No. 2, light beige satin.

Note: Please note that there’s a website called The Cut that covers a ton of topics for women including fashion and beauty. My blog post series is in no relation to The Cut website as it only focuses on sustainable living.

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