The Cut: No. 2

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Last month, I shared with you the first article of my sustainable living blog post series called The Cut. Since then, my awareness to pay attention to brands that care about our planet has been heightened.

And to say that I have so many great sustainable living sources to share with you is an understatement.

Seriously. I’m so giddy about this month’s article!

Here. We. Go!


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Rent the Runway is a great way to try trends and play with fashion without spending the high prices of cluttering up your closet. But! If you’ve never heard of them, you can check out their dedication to the sustainable fashion movement and see what their company is about if you love high-end fashion/designers like I do!

Reformation is a beautiful clothing brand that focuses on simple and sustainable living. Their clothing line is made of sustainable materials, including deadstock fabrics (which is leftover fabric from textile mills and garments factories) and get this, repurposed vintage clothing! Um, yes please! And since I don’t own anything from their brand (yet!), I feel the need to use this hashtag: #GetInMyCloset. NOW.

What’s even cooler about their brand? They have a guide on sustainable travel! Yep. You read that right! Their guide is complete with travel tips and includes another guide to…ocean-friendly restaurants you can use when making dinner plans. Say whutt???

If you love to shop at Nordstrom, let me just leave you a link to their sustainable style section of their website. Yep. Nordstrom cares about our environment, y’all! Hooray!


Miss Frankie is a vegan and cruelty free nail polish brand I just discovered earlier this week. Made in Australia, their products are non-toxic and are gorgeous. I mean, look at their beautiful packaging! They have a small curated selection of colors including a few bright shades perfect for summer. Personally, I love their nude-y pinks since I’m a neutrals lover.


Tropic of C is a sexy and sustainable swimwear brand founded by my favorite supermodel, Candice Swanepoel. She hails from South Africa so I’m NOT surprised in the least bit that her brand focuses on taking care of the environment as well. If you’re interested, here are more details on her brand’s sustainability practices.

I accidentally stumbled across Peony Swimwear when I was looking for a sustainable swimsuit last month. And let me say, beautiful and feminine swimwear is the name of their game! So, if that’s your style, just know that they make stunning one-piece swimsuits along with various bikini styles so you can find one that fits your vibe. I mean, a girl needs options, right?!

Here’s the company’s viewpoint regarding their part to be an environmentally-friendly swimwear company.

If you’re looking for other swimwear brands, check out these 17 sustainable swimsuit brands! You’ll recognize some familiar brands while discovering other great ones!


I’ve been following Desenio for quite awhile as I love the art products they carry. However, I did not realize that they’re a sustainable art brand! Imagine my heart when I learned that part of their company’s focus! I mean, to have beautiful art pieces in your home and help the environment at the same time? I’m all for it!

I love that they plant two trees for every tree they use when producing the posters they sell. On top of that, their posters are printed on environmentally-certified paper.

What does that mean? It means that the paper harvested/produced to make their posters are from responsible forestry that cares about our planet, that’s what.

Anything you can think of, I’m sure Desenio carries. They have a wide range of images from quotes to beautiful photographs of animals, flowers and beaches. This ocean print is just one item I have in my cart. With that said, my wishlist just got a LOT longer.


To stay informed and keep you informed, I want to start something new within The Cut series. And that is to share sources and articles I find regarding sustainable living. It’s my hope that the more informed you are, the better choices you make for our planet.

As you know, the United Nations is big on caring about the world we live in. If you want to know all about their sustainable development goals, I’d check out their website if I were you. Just know that there’s a lot of information, so pick a few areas that are of interest to you and learn more about them. And while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to take the fashion pledge to do better for this world!

With the clothing industry being the top contributor to landfills, I found this waste crisis article by Here Magazine to be very interesting and informative. Read it to see what the beautiful city of Rome and her people are doing with their second-hand clothing and tell me it’s not cool!

This press release was recently published on July 21st 2019 to announce a collaboration between Activate and modeDurable.

What’s their partnership all about, you ask? First of all, Activate is a platform for both, brands and influencers to partner up for campaigns. modeDurable is a for-purpose organization that trains content creators and media professionals to be the next generation’s educators.

The press release is about Activate collabing with modeDurable to create a fellowship that equips and educates professionals in the media on how to effectively inform the public on challenges and opportunities regarding environmental issues. Part of the focus of the program is to raise awareness on the social impacts of our fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

Now, THAT is a fantastic force for good!

And that’s it for this month’s post of The Cut! I hope you enjoyed this post of my newest series because I seriously can’t wait to create more content about sustainable living for you!

What have you learned from today’s post?

Please let me know in the comments if there is anything else you’d like to see in this series!

Image via Desenio

Note: Please note that there’s a website called The Cut that covers a ton of topics for women including fashion and beauty. My blog post series is in no relation to The Cut website as it only focuses on sustainable living.

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