The Way We Live: World Environment Day 2019

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The Way We Live- World Environment Day 2019 - She Sweats Diamonds - sustainable beauty brands - eco-friendly beauty brands

A few weeks ago, on my way to work, I was sitting at a stoplight when I looked to my left. In the middle of a patch of pink buttercup flowers was an old tire. To me, the juxtaposition of the beautiful flowers and a well-worn tire were glaring. It was trash versus treasure. Ugly versus beautiful. Delicate versus tough.

This moment brought me back to the first time I was ever aware of the human effect on our environment. I was very young and all it took was one episode on the Discovery Channel. A sea turtle had been tangled in one of those plastic six-pack rings. And all I remember was that someone on the show encouraged the audience to make sure to cut the rings. He had said to cut the rings to make sure animals wouldn’t get trapped and die in case it ended up in the ocean.

That episode made such a lasting impact on me. From then on, I cut every six pack ring (my parents had a lot of house parties so there was a lot of beer and soda) I came across and still do to this day.

Several months ago, I wrote an article on sustainable brands you should know about in hopes of introducing you to another one of my passions. And while we’re on this subject, please know that this isn’t a “one and done” kind of topic for me. My goal is to share as much as I can to help drive change in the way we live, for the better.

Speaking of, today is World Environment Day

I’m writing this article to continue sharing my passion with you to do my part by raising awareness on how to take better care of the second place we have to live: Earth.

The first thing I want to do is share with you people and organizations you can learn from by following their Instagram accounts.

Instagram Accounts to Follow:

UN Environment


Paul Nicklen

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When it comes to the Arctic ecosystem, it's incredibly simple math. As temperatures warm, sea ice will melt. And when you have hundreds of species of microorganisms living in a piece of sea ice, countless amphipods and copepods growing under that ice, and polar bears, beluga whales, or narwhals at the top of the food chain, all relying on the presence of ice, we stand to lose an entire polar ecosystem if it continues to melt. Yet, to see and hear how many people are looking inwards and discovering their level of commitment, gives me great hope for both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Tip #17 in @sealegacy’s guide to making 2019 the most successful year for our oceans yet is to take the Global Survey on Sustainability, linked in my bio. You can help influence and accelerate a global transition towards sustainability by sharing your thoughts and urgency for action. #GlobalSurveySDG #sustainability #SDGS #ClimateAction

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New Standard Institute


Fair Trade Certified

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Your clothing choices matter more than ever. ___ It’s been six years since the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing 1,138 people and injuring thousands more, yet people around the world are still suffering as a result of how fashion is made, sourced, and purchased. ___ The good news? We can all be part of a story that doesn't end there. With more and more clothing factories around the globe becoming #FairTradeCertified, it's easier than ever for us to make the kind of fashion statement and impact we want to make. ___ This #FashionRevolution Week (4/22-28), as people ask #WhoMadeMyClothes, we’ve teamed up with activists, factory workers, and clothing brands to better understand the lives behind our favorite labels, what #fairtrade really means, and how we can all help build a safer, more transparent fashion industry. Join the conversation: #WeWearFairTrade

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The New Fashion Initiative

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And #buyingless. Fashion Waste. The facts: ✅ According to S.M.A.R.T, 95% of all clothing has the potential to be ♻️ reused as clothing or downcycled into other products. ✅ Less than 1% of that clothing is ACTUALLY recycled ✅ 24 BILLION pounds of clothing are sent to US landfills every year. ✅ Landfills are the third-largest human-caused source of methane emissions in the US. See the problem? ?‍♀️ Plus, in New York where fashion moves fast, this issue is further heightened. Now for the good news! The @ellenmacarthurfoundation is changing how we deal with fashion waste straight from the ❤️ of NYC with their #WearNext Campaign, done in collaboration with @madeinnyfashion. We're a huge supporter of this initiative that connects New Yorkers with the over 1000 donation spots around town. Let's #WearNext across the country! • Find out more -along with our latest TNFI news- check out our blog. LINK IN BIO

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Sustainable Brands


Better Packaging Co.


The Front Lash


I’ve always been fascinated with science and our environment, but it was that episode on the Discovery Channel that led me to realize how I live affects the bigger picture.

Life is full of beautiful moments and crazy adventures for us to experience and enjoy. However, how can we soak up the great moments in life with our loved ones if we don’t have any place to live?

We have to start looking at the way we’re living.

I leave you with this incredibly profound quote:

“Make ethical choices in what we buy, do, and watch. In a consumer-driven society our individual choices, used collectively for the good of animals and nature, can change the world faster than laws.”― Marc BekoffDoing

Tell me, how or what are you going to do to contribute to World Environment Day?

Join me over on my Instagram stories today as I take you down memory lane on where my passion for the environment all began. Stay tuned because there will be tons of content regarding this urgent matter.

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  • Caterina / 35mminstyle
    June 6, 2019

    thinking about the planet and how we can help it in our little everyday life is so important. like using reusable cups!

    Cate // 35mminstyle

    • Huong
      June 17, 2019

      Yes! Thank you for caring about the environment too, Caterina! x

  • Rachel Cox
    June 5, 2019

    I never knew how much the fast fashion industry added to the landfills. Thank you shedding light on the need to help the environment through sustainability! I know I knew want use @betterpackagingco for my art business now! I want my future kids to enjoy this world and the animals and plants the Lord created us to take care of and this message you shared with us is doing just that.

    • Huong
      July 23, 2019

      You’re welcome, Rachie! It’s crazy, right? Aww, I’m glad you found a brand you can choose to partner with in the future now. Yes! It’s so important we share our blessings with future generations!

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