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Collaborations / PR

For all inquiries regarding PR gifting, product reviews, giveaways and/or sponsored post opportunities, please see information for collaboration opportunities.

Guest Posts

To stay true to my voice and brand, please note that I do NOT accept guest posts. I have tried to give it a chance before and it just isn’t my style. Inquiries regarding guest posting will NOT be responded to. Thank you for understanding.


I do NOT share personal information with third-parties. I also do NOT store information I collect during your visit to She Sweats Diamonds for use other than to analyze site performance through the use of cookies. This provides me information on site pageviews so I can continue to grow this community (in which you can turn off at any time by modifying your internet browser’s settings).


Please link back to my blog and provide proper credit if anything from my site (images included) is used. I work very hard after my day job to create these images so all I ask is that you honor me by crediting my work just like I would do for you. Should you be interested in purchasing my images, please contact me

All content and images on this site belong to She Sweats Diamonds unless otherwise attributed. If you have any kind of doubt in regards to crediting my work, please reach out.

Images that do not belong to me are credited at the bottom of each post. Should I feature an image of yours that is mis-credited or you would like taken down, please let me know and I’ll take care of it right away.

Comment Policy

This blog is a place of encouragement, love, empowerment and inspiration for everyone as well as for myself. In the past, I’ve had my own comments deleted on other blogs by the bloggers themselves. To me, it hurts because I’ve never said anything rude. I’ve asked questions in relation to the content they shared. Additionally, as an avid blog reader for seven years, I’ve only left two comments, each on two separate blogs, linking my favorite products. In both comments, I shared my affiliate links of what I liked in response to the blogger’s question.
Do I find using affiliate links as a response rude?
Personally? No. Because if a blogger ends their post by asking me what products I’ve tried, that means I can link it, right? Moreover, if I’m the one recommending them the products I’ve used, I should have a chance at receiving a commission, no? Regardless of what you personally think, I believe that deleting someone’s comments (even if a reader includes affiliate links) as they’ve spent TIME to read your content AND leave a thoughtful comment is just plain rude and borderline unprofessional. On top of that, doing so alienates faithful readers. IF affiliate links aren’t welcomed in the comments, that’s a blogger’s choice. However, I believe it’s professional to include a disclaimer and/or privately reach out to the reader to let them know that you don’t want them to share their affiliate links. Taking this step is respectful and professional, am I right? Because if you just delete an affiliate linked comment with no communication, it just looks like you’re greedy and do not want to share a piece of the pie. 
That leads me to my next point: your thoughts, critiques and opinions are absolutely welcomed here on She Sweats Diamonds.
I will NEVER delete your comment(s) just because you have an experience/question that may deter another reader from buying a service/product I’m promoting. I will NEVER delete your comment(s) just because you share a link (even if it’s an affiliate link) to a product you love because I’m the one who asks you to share what you love. It’d be hypocritical of me to ask you to share and then delete or not publish your comment(s), yes?  Therefore, please know that YOU and your comments, feedback, questions and product/service recommendations are welcomed here.

However, if you’re NOT being respectful to those contributing to the discussion, I will delete your comments as I do not tolerate name-calling, bashing or talking down of any kind to me or readers/bloggers who take their time to add to the discussion. I do not believe in censoring, but please share your thoughts from a place of respect. Thank you!

Affiliate Links

She Sweats Diamonds does use affiliate links.

This means that if you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site or any related social media platforms, I may make a commission from that click and/or purchase. A teeny tiny commission though, so feel free to click away, haha!

As a customer, you do NOT pay more or less.

Purchasing via affiliate links through my content does not affect you in any way other than giving me a small percentage of the sale. Just see it as me receiving commission to find pretty things for you, kind of like a personal stylist.

By doing so, you’re allowing me to do continue to create content you want in addition to helping me pay my bills. For that, I thank and appreciate you for your support! 

Please note that not all links on this blog are affiliate links. If I write a negative product review, I will link the product, however it will not be an affiliate link. Long product links will be shortened as I dislike the look of long URLs.

Please note that I’m NOT responsible for the private policies of other sites that I may link to.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me! Have a fantastic and blessed day!