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Happy Memorial Day | She Sweats Diamonds

Memorial Day: Sleeping Sacrifices

Happy Memorial Day | She Sweats Diamonds

Happy Memorial Day, loves!

As you take today off, please remember however you spend it, shopping, spending time with family, boating on a lake somewhere or barbecuing in your backyard, please take the time to remember those who died in active military service.

Their ultimate sacrifices allow you and I to live in freedom. Our freedom is not a right. Our freedom was fought for and is still fought for to this day. Please don’t take your blessings for granted.

Let’s honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice by hugging our loved ones a little closer, taking time to enjoy the outdoors and showing kindness to a stranger, not just on this day, but every single day. 

When I saw how this video six years ago and how this dog appreciates his/her blessings, I knew it would be my favorite video of all time of a soldier’s homecoming. I hope you enjoy it! 

Happy Memorial Day! 

What are you up to today? Let me know in the comments!


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