How to Create a Self-Care Kit for Someone You Love

How to Create a Self-Care Kit for Someone You Love | She Sweats Diamonds

As you know, a big part of wellness is self-care. And if you know someone who has a difficulty in taking some “me time” and want to give them a gift for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary or just-because, a self-care kit might just be the thing.

I’ve learned a lot lately about slowing down and taking time for myself. So today, I thought I’d share the idea of making a self-care kit for someone you love.

Here are some things you can put into a kit for your loved one:

Adult Coloring Book

A cheap and easy way to distract oneself is coloring. I didn’t realize how quickly you can tune out the world until I got myself one of these books several years ago. Add a pack of 24ct. color pencils for just under $3 and you’ve got a great start to a self-care kit! I heard coloring also helps reduce anxiety too.

Facial Roller

I bought and used this rose quartz facial roller and it feels SO good! I just roll to de-puff my face while watching television. It’s a great way to wind down for the night too. Tip: put it in the fridge or freezer and it feels ten times better!

Face Mask

Patchology is one of my go-to brands for masking. If you want your loved one to sit down for about 10-minutes, a super serum-soaked mask will do the trick. You can’t walk around if a mask keeps sliding off your face, right? So add a must-lay-down mask to a self-care kit! And don’t be surprised if the person you’re gifting this kit to finds themselves falling asleep because it’s that cold and relaxing.

If the person receiving your kit isn’t into sheet masks, give him/her a tube of Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. It’s also one of my favorites! S/he can pop it on, leave it, and continue on with their day.

Gift card to spa/salon

Everyone could use a mani/pedi, haircut, blowout or massage. And if the person you’re making this self-care kit for is the type to not schedule this kind of time for themselves, surprise them with a gift card to a local business. S/he will instantly feel relaxed and walk out feeling refreshed and like a new person. On top of that, supporting small local businesses is also a win-win situation.

If you’re in the Dallas area, I love to get my manicures done at Miniluxe. I heard The Spa at The Joule is amazing for a result-driven wellness experience as well!


If you’ve been an SSD reader for awhile, you know that I love a good boujee candle. Diptyque is my favorite high-end candle. Every scent smells heavenly and lasts so long! Even the mini candles have around a 30-hour burn time! Get this 5-pack Diptyque mini candle set (keep checking back for restocks!) and split it up with other self-care kits. Don’t underestimate the size of these candles. They may be small, but they’re mighty for scenting entire rooms!


One of the best feelings in the world is coming home from a long day, showering and getting into comfy clothes. The cherry on top? Sliding your feet into luxurious slippers! My absolute favorite slippers (pictured above) are from Restoration Hardware. RH only brings these back once a year during the holidays so when it’s time, snap up a pair of super soft slippers for yourself and the person you love! I’m on my second pair of these Ultra Faux Fur Slippers. Oh and did I mention they’re under $30 a pair? I promise it’ll be a hit!


A super easy item to add to a self-care kit is the latest magazine of their favorite topic. And if your loved one is a bookworm, including a book they’ve been wanting to read is really thoughtful. I’ve never had a negative response from any of my book-loving recipients when I gift them books that have personally changed my life. If they’re into personal development, I highly recommend Think & Grow Rich, Power of Habit, The Compound Effect, The 10X Rule, Mask of Masculinity, and No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Five Minute Journal

This gratitude journal takes a total of ten minutes out of the day to fill out. The whole thing is about taking five minutes in the morning to write down three things you’re thankful for, three things that would make your day great, and a self-affirmation. In the evening, as you wind down, you write down three great things that happened during your day, and what you could’ve done to make your day better. That’s it! It’s a great way to practice gratitude and teaches you to create a consistent habit. Besides, when one lives a life of appreciation, one is happier!

Fun Experience

Last, but not least, one of the best items you can include in a self-care kit is the gift of an experience. Pay attention when you’re talking to your loved ones. If they mention they’ve been wanting to do something (like an escape room, art class, etc), take note. The great part about this gift is that it doesn’t have to break the bank.

My friends and I like to utilize Groupon to get each other experience gifts. Additionally, the great part is that the expiration dates are usually long so your loved one can schedule their fun experience on their own time. Again, you can buy gift certifications from small businesses that are local to you!

Life happens and when it throws you lemons, stress tend to increase. So if you like to make gifts like I do, a self-care kit requires a little bit of thought without spending a lot of time actually DIYing/crafting!

If you try out this idea, please let me know how well it was received!

And now, the big question is, what would you put in YOUR self-care kit?

I’d put in a dance class pass, a giftcard to Sephora, a fashion magazine, a cozy robe, and an archery class in mine!

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