Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

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Happy Birthday, Daddy! | She Sweats Diamonds

Today is my daddy‘s 65th birthday. 

Instead of an outfit post today, I wanted to celebrate his life and who he was with y’all:

  1. Daddy loved to build and play with remote control cars, boats, and planes. It was his hobby until his last days.
  2. He worked at Rolls Royce/Aviall for 22 years and then moved over to Turbomeca for 11 years as an aviation technician.
  3. He was humble. We wanted him to move out into a bigger place, but he never had the desire to move into a home. “I’m surrounded by the people I love and I have a roof over my head, so it’s all that matters,” he would say.
  4. He loved war, action and drama movies like Top Gun, We were Soldiers, True Lies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Flight of the Intruder, etc.
  5. His favorite colors were pink and red. He said wearing or liking pink doesn’t make a man any less manlier or macho.
  6. He would always ask, “Where are you at with school? Where are you going? What are you studying?” and always said, “I don’t want you to work hard as me so you go to school and life will be easier for you. Anything you do, I will support.” 
  7. When I was little, he would leave notes for my mom, brother and I before he went to work telling us that he loved us.
  8. For a guy, his penmenship was beautiful
  9. When I was little, I told him that I wanted to change my name to an “American” name. Daddy always said that if I ever changed my name, he wanted it to be Katherine. 
  10. He loved to eat and advised my brother and I that if we were to spend money, to spend it on experiences with food.

Here’s how I’m honoring him:

  1. Although my mom wants me to have an “analytical” job, I’ve always felt like a creative at heart. Not surprising I took after daddy. I’m honoring him by trying to constantly be in a creative mode!
  2. As this blog grows, I constantly remind myself to remind myself to stay humble, relatable and remember where I came from.
  3. I’m working hard on growing and advancing within my day job as well as growing this side hustle. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be able to take this blog full time! 
  4. I try my best to send cards, write handwritten notes or text someone the moment I’m thinking of them. I’m working on trying to remember to reply, ha!
  5. ‘Always hungry’ should probably be my second name. I love taking my friends to new places to eat. It’s my way of remembering daddy. If only I had a ton of money to do it a few times a week! Soon though! 

Funny fact: He always called me garlic nose and elf ears, but he would always say, “Come here so I can hug my princess.” right after, lol! I hope you enjoyed getting an idea of who my daddy was and how he liked to live his life. 

Happy birthday, daddy! I love and miss you so much! 

If your daddy has passed on, PLEASE feel free to leave a message about who he was in the comments below! I’d love to get to know your family too!

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!