Embracing Imperfection :: Silk Beaded Top & Skinny Jeans

Embracing Imperfection :: Silk Beaded Top & Skinny Jeans | She Sweats Diamonds

Embracing Imperfection :: Silk Beaded Top & Skinny Jeans | She Sweats Diamonds

Embracing Imperfection :: Silk Beaded Top & Skinny Jeans | She Sweats Diamonds

Embracing Imperfection :: Silk Beaded Top & Skinny Jeans | She Sweats Diamonds

Embracing Imperfection :: Silk Beaded Top & Skinny Jeans | She Sweats Diamonds 

Embracing Imperfection :: Silk Beaded Top & Skinny Jeans | She Sweats Diamonds

Burning Torch Silk Cocktail Shirt c/o Clotheshorse Anonymous (linked similar tops below) | Skinny Jeans (similar skinny jeans on sale for under $120!) Stud Earrings (old, similar stud earrings) | Black Flats (old, similar black flats) | Black Sunglasses (bought them for $5!)

Aside from today’s outfit, I wanted to share my thoughts on perfection/imperfection. 

Why is it that we never start on our goals? We wait for the perfect time to begin. 

When I…”

“Right after this, I’ll start on…”

“When this is over, I will…”

Why is it that we never finish our goals? We wait until everything is perfect before we complete the tasks at hand. 

“I need to know more before I…”

“I can’t launch this until this part is perfect.”

“This should be perfect before I show the world.”

I feel that perfectionism/imperfection is a topic a lot people don’t like to discuss. It’s like we prefer to deal with it on our own instead of discussing with our friends. I’d like to share with you three things I’ve learned about perfectionism and embracing imperfection.

  1. Perfectionism holds you hostage. Often times we don’t realize that perfectionism holds us back from taking action. This includes teeny tiny action steps such as writing an email or making a phone call. An email will never be perfect. And yes, you’ll forget to say something on that phone call you wanted to say. It’s okay.
  2. Wanting everything to be perfect is a waste of time. The amount of time waiting for something to be perfect could be better spent gaining learning experiences. Your time would be well-utilized falling forward with each mistake made rather than standing still and not making any at all. In other words, it’s okay to screw up.
  3. Perfectionism will be the death of you if you don’t let it go. Speaking from experience, perfectionism will kill you slowly. Anxiety and stress come with being a perfectionist. It’s hard to let go of the idea of perfectionism, but once you do, it’s FREEING. Take baby steps and once you start embracing imperfection, it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

What Lara Casey said years ago changed my life. She said, “I’m likely going to mess up a lot and the funny thing is, I can’t wait. My goal of life isn’t to be perfect, but to live on purpose. I also promise that you’ll be on the messiest, but best ride of your life! Mess comes with living on purpose and it’s so worth it.”

I want my life to be purposeful, not perfect

Anyway, I’m currently reading Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff (it’s SO good) and Jon touches on the topic of perfectionism. If you haven’t nabbed his book, I HIGHLY recommend it if you’re having a tough time starting or finishing your goals. 

I hope you got something out of this post and that it’s helped you.

When it comes to imperfection, do you struggle with it? 

If so, how do you handle it?


On a lighter note, I found this awesome top at Clotheshorse Anonymous while I browsed their fall arrivals this last week!!! I found SO many cute designer clothes! They have dresses, scarves, jackets, coats and boots in for the fall already so stop by if you’re in the area because most items still have tags on them! The deals are too good and let me tell you, it’s hard finding cute, new, high-quality yet affordable clothes for fall! 

I have some great outfits coming up for fall, but you’re going to have to wait! Here’s to hoping the temperatures drop so I can dress weather-appropriate, ha!

DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Clotheshorse Anonymous for partnering with me on this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own. As always, thank you for supporting my sponsors! 


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Embracing Imperfection :: Silk Beaded Top & Skinny Jeans