Earth Day 2019: Sustainable Brands You Need to Know About

Earth Day 2019: Sustainable Brands You Need to Know About | She Sweats DiamondsHappy Earth Day!

If I really wanted to, I could put in the effort to be another blogger who showcases affordable clothing for you.

Nevertheless, my morals and beliefs in taking care of our environment and Mother Earth trumps making “fast” commissions.

However, I do want to be a digital content creator who LOVES the finer things in life and can still care about the world we live in.

Before I explain more of what I’m talking about, I wanted to take the time to share with you some sustainable brands I love to celebrate Earth Day today!



Anthropologie is a part of URBN, a portfolio of global consumer brands. Their recyclable shopping bags aren’t the only thing URBN does to make a difference. Check out their sustainability initiatives!

Under their umbrella are also brands you may recognize: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, and BHLDN to name a few!


l love that one of CHANEL’s priorities is environmental sustainability! Back in December 2018, my absolute favorite fashion house recently invested in a company called Sulapac, which is a startup located in Finland that makes sustainable packaging from biodegradable material.

Here’s their 76-page report on their human-driven, environmental commitment to be a luxury and sustainable brand! All I can say is, “Heck yes!!!”

Club Monaco

Club Monaco is quite possibly my favorite mid-tier fashion brand and they’ve recently updated their Transparency Act.


I found Everlane a few years ago and love how they’re very transparent about ethical practices. Affordable and well-made clothing with integrity?! Sign me up!


I haven’t shopped at Mango yet, but I love that they are a sustainable brand and care about our environment. Check out their sustainability report from 2017.


Zara is one of my favorite high street brands. Although I don’t purchase as much from them anymore, I had to share that they are one of many sustainable brands. They also have a section called Join Life where you can purchase sustainable clothing at high street prices.

Zara does belongs to Inditex, which is one of the world’s largest distribution groups. You can learn more about Inditex’s Right to Wear program.



Since y’all know I’m a huge makeup and skincare junkie, I’m super thrilled to share with you that the top place where I shop for about 95% my beauty needs is indeed a sustainable brand! In 2018, Sephora diverted 4.4 million pounds of waste from landfills! And that’s just a small taste of their impact!

Gah, I’m so proud to be a customer of their’s and know I will be for life!

Summer Fridays

I love Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores and what they’re doing so much! Not only are they a clean and cruelty-free skincare beauty brand, they care about the environment! These ladies have hosted several beach clean ups in their area and their products are recyclable!

Give their Jet Lag Mask a try! I know no doubt you’ll thank me and these ladies later.



Joining the list of sustainable brands, Adidas is easily one of my top three sports brands I love and wear. To see that they care about the world we live in makes me proud to wear their products!

Check out their approach to sustainability that involves people and product!

Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)

You guys see me wearing my APLs all the time! Well, not only are they working to reduce waste when making their product, they give back as well!

Check out this article on other sustainable sneakers!


An easily recognizable brand in the sports world, Nike is one of my top favorite athletic brands. They care about the community by giving back and preserving our planet.

Home / Lifestyle

Crate & Barrel

A few things in my kitchen I’ve purchased over the years are from Crate & Barrel. I love that they’re not jumping on the sustainability “bandwagon”, but are truly serious about their social responsibility by making their goals an on-going mission not just for the environment, but for people.


Honda has been my favorite affordable car brand (I’ve loved their Civic style since I was a kid – hey, I had a dad and brothers who are into cars, ha!) for a long time and they still are. As I’ve been researching for my next car, I learned that Honda is part of the sustainable brands list as they’re a very green company and I love that they’re all about renewable energy and recycling.

The best part that I love personally is that they’re working on a zero waste to landfill through recycling and repurposing. To me, I think it’s amazing that a company is looking at themselves to be a part of the solution. I truly hope their actions will lead other car companies to do the same!

Here is their 2018 Environmental Report along with past environmental reports if you’re interested.

The Humble Co.

After a visit with my dentist this past weekend, I was told to take my flossing routine a little more seriously. As a first-world first-class problem, I hate flossing with regular floss where you can just pull and cut from a small plastic holder. I LOVE floss picks, but because I don’t feel right buying plastic floss picks to suit my personal preference on dental hygiene, I set out to find a better alternative.

That’s when I found this company when I was looking for sustainable floss picks. Looks like I’ll be one smiley happy camper soon! Huzzah for finding their products at many retailers I recognize too!

West Elm

West Elm is one of my favorite home decor stores! Not only to do they carry beautiful products, they support artisan groups, participate in fair trade, sustainably source their material and educate their consumers, their sustainable goals are getting bigger and better.



For those of you who are moms, check out eco-kids! They work with environmentally friendly companies to provide you safe and natural ways for those creative moments you have with your children. I learned about them from Lauren Gores this past Easter weekend and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they carry plant-based Easter eggs! No more plastic litter in case you can’t find that last egg or two, ha!

Get Dyper

My friend Jamie posted about this great brand as she recently welcomed her adorable newborn.

Did you know that diapers take 500 years to decompose? As gross as that is, it’s true. Our diapers from when we were babies are still in a landfill somewhere!

Compared to 500 years, using Get Dyper products reduces environmental impact as it only takes 75 days for their diaper products to decompose! Get Dyper is definitely on the top of my list of sustainable brands to purchase from when I become a mom someday.

It pains me to even think about how much clothing and products we’ve purchased in years past that are now sitting in our landfills just after one wear/use or wash because of the poor quality.

With that said, it’s my hope to create content that I can share with you that focuses more on being a thoughtful consumer.

Tell me what you think about sustainable living in the comments below!

Wishing you a wonderful #EarthDay, friends! I’ll be referring to this post in the future as I’ll be updating it often with sustainable brands I love!

P.S. Remember when Burberry got backlash for destroying their unsold clothing? Check out this WWD article and clap with me: France Prepares Law to Ban Destroying Unsold Clothes.

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  • it's Carmen
    April 25, 2019

    I love the concept of Summer Fridays! I haven’t tried any of their products yet, but it’s on the list. :]

    • Huong
      April 25, 2019

      If you do, Carmen, put the Jet Lag Mask in the fridge and it’s 10x better! 😀

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Earth Day 2019: Sustainable Brands You Need to Know About