Current Fashion Trend I Love: Pearl-Embellished

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Current Fashion Trend I Love: Pearl-Embellished | She Sweats Diamonds

Hey guys! Happy Friday Eve! Today, I wanted to share some inspiration with you on my current favorite trend: pearls! Well, it’s not current, current because I feel like pearls are so classic. Pearls are showing up in the fashion industry so I wanted to share some pearl-embellished things you can add to your closet. I know not everyone likes pearls because some of you may think it’s very matronly. To me, if it’s done the right way, the item can be a mash up of classic, feminine and edgy, which of course is totally my style.

If you’ve always wanted to try the pearl trend or any trend for that matter, my advice is to not spend so much on it. A trend is just that, it’ll come and go. However, if you love your pieces, go for it and splurge! For me, I’d rather splurge on classic pieces to make sure I have a solid capsule wardrobe foundation because I want to have a wardrobe I’ll love and wear

Anyway, please keep in mind that a lot of my suggestions below are very affordable in terms of the type of item. As always, I’ve made sure to include various price points with items on sale (because who doesn’t love sales?) as well. I’ll keep adding to this post in the coming weeks as I find cute items so keep checking back if you love this trend for some affordable ideas!

Check out my picks below!

Are you into the pearl-embellished trend?

It can be just trying pearl jewelry! Let me know in the comments below!

Anyway, how have y’all been? Anything new going on in your life? 


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Current Fashion Trend I Love: Pearl-Embellished