Birthday Girl: 33 Facts Random About Me

Birthday Girl: 33 Random Facts About Me | She Sweats Diamonds

As I celebrate my 33rd birthday today, I thought I’d share 33 random facts about me with y’all!

Around this time last year, I shared a short, random “facts about me” post so I thought I’d add on to the list for today’s fun post so you all can get to know me a bit better!

Here we go!

  1. I’m very much a “why” person so learning about history and why people did the things they did will always fascinate me. However, I can’t say that I have the same passion for math though. I was that one student who would ask “why” on the how part of arriving to an answer, ha!
  2. Speaking of history, I’m not a huge fan of learning about U.S. history as I find world history much more interesting. Learning about Genghis Khan, Mesopotamia, and empires of other countries was way more fun than any other history topic in high school. I enjoyed it so much that I wish I could’ve kept the textbook. I know, #NerdAlert.
  3. Playing video games are very fun to me. However, I’m more interested in video games that tell a story like Metal Gear, Assassin’s Creed, etc. I’m not much of a fan of games like Mario Party, but I’ll play it because my friends want me to. It’s rare that I have time to play video games these days, but I’m trying to make an effort and add it to part of my self-care routine.
  4. Not a new fact, but I just love puppies SO much! They’re so happy, playful, loyal, and loving. But a real fact is that my favorite kinds of puppies are ones that are big and fluffy. I love Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and Samoyed breeds. I’ve said before that I call all dogs puppies no matter what their size is and still stand by it.
  5. I don’t say ‘I love you’ unless I really mean it. It’s important to me that those words never get diluted and become meaningless.
  6. The entertainment industry will always be one industry I love to death. Somewhere, a story is always waiting to be told. And whether it’s through books, acting, music, or art, it’s someone else’s different perspective that makes telling the same stories again so unique and interesting. I also feel like jobs in the creative arts are being embraced more by society and it makes me so happy!
  7. Speaking of the entertainment industry, when it comes to movies and shows, I tend to lean towards action-drama and historical-based storylines the most. Slapstick comedies like Anchorman, American Pie, and Austin Powers are NOT my kind of genre because I’m not easily entertained. I’m a very harsh critic when it comes to movies and if a movie can wow me or make me laugh, it means that it was a very good one.
  8. One of the biggest random facts about me is that I cannot stand over-posed images when it comes to fashion blogging. To me, if it’s not an image that tells a realistic story, I tend to cringe a little. For instance, no one SITS ON their bathroom counters doing their makeup, lol!
  9. Reading people’s thoughts and opinions on topics that matter to me is so fun. Quora and comic book forums are my go-to as of late. To me, posts that highlight people’s achievements like this Top 100 Most Powerful People in Entertainment article from the Hollywood Reporter are inspiring and entertaining to read!
  10. I absolutely love music! If there’s a violin playing in a song or score, I get so emotional about it! Maybe it’s because I played the violin when I was young.
  11. Years ago, after hearing about my mom’s story of how she emigrated to the States, I really wanted to research my family’s history and genealogy, but I haven’t done so because part of me thinks I’ll hit a dead end and end up being disappointed.
  12. Books will always be a huge part of my life. My daddy always emphasized that education is so important. And while I was in school, I always wanted to read and learn something other than what I was learning. Now that I’m doing just that, I’ve made it a goal to have a huge library in my home full of my favorite and most influential books so my future kids can read to their heart’s content. Currently, it’s all about the mobile university for me: Audible.
  13. I used to be a perfectionist in everything and to a point where it frustrated me. Now, I no longer strive to be perfect. To me, it’s such a relief because it’s about learning the process of letting go. I like that I’m not perfect because it gives others permission to be themselves instead of stressing to put out that perfect image.
  14. I’m an ambivert. It’s fun to be around other people and draw energy from them in social settings. But, after awhile, I need time to myself to decompress so I’m also a homebody.
  15. I really dislike having paper in my home. Maybe it’s because I hate silverfish, but I don’t like having piles of paper everywhere. Receipts included.
  16. Drinking plain water is very difficult for me, especially with vitamins so I have to have lemon/lime with my water. I swear I can taste the difference in bottled water too. Speaking of, Dasani is my least favorite brand.
  17. It took me six years to get my bachelor’s degree because I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. I spent four years at community college and took nearly all of the courses in the catalog. Piano, French, Biology (I’m a total science nerd), and coding classes were just some of the extra classes I took. Instead, I ended up figuring out my major (communications) after I had put on a workshop about Cigarette Litter Prevention.
  18. Speaking of, I’m big into taking care of our environment. Throughout high school and college, I worked with Keep America Beautiful and their affiliates. From cleaning up the Trinity River to holding campus contests on who can pick up the most cigarette butts to co-planning a city-wide parade, I spent a lot of time educating others on how to take care of the world we live in. To this day, I make it a point to recycle in my home and pick up trash when I’m out and about as well. Oh and I absolutely detest seeing people throw garbage out of their car while they’re driving! I will say that I credit my high school teacher for teaching me the importance of taking care of our world. Thanks, Fergy!
  19. Most people are terrified to speak in public. I can’t say that I am one of those people. For instance, if someone comes up to me and says, “Hey, Huong. Our speaker just cancelled for our event that’s happening in 30 minutes. Can you come and speak on this topic?” I’d agree to it. Do I get nervous? Yep, but a different kind of nervous. Right before I speak, I get antsy and my heart beats really fast. However, once the first few words leave my mouth, I’m fine for the rest of the time I’m speaking.
  20. One of the most random facts about me is that I’ve written and finished a song. However, I’ve yet to add the music aspect of it to complete it in its entirety.
  21. When it comes to relationships, I know I can handle a long-distance relationship easily. I’m the type of person who wants what’s best for my partner so if he has to travel constantly for his career (ie. making movies), more power to him! The last thing I’d want is for either of us to resent one another because we quit doing what we love to be with the other person while they live out their life. Will him being away for months at a time be hard at times? Yes. However, it makes me SO happy if I know that he loves what he’s doing and that he’s happy, at peace, and is living his dreams. And besides, there are such things as planes, phones for texting, and FaceTime. More on this topic later!
  22. I know this is first-class, first-world problems, but I hate packing. Packing for trips or moving homes, I hate all things packing-related, haha!
  23. Mosquitoes are the main reason why I love cooler weather. They always seem to find me, even in an office building on the 7th floor. #NotKidding
  24. I am not the kind of wedding guest who can just hit the dance floor during the reception. You either have to drag me out there and surround me with tons of people or give me a drink or two first, haha!
  25. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. However, when I get cravings, I tend to go for macarons first, then it’s cupcakes, cake (tres leches is my fave), and ice cream. In that order.
  26. The inside of my car is clean at all times. Seriously. It sounds weird, but I don’t like anything in the seats or floorboards.
  27. I was once pulled over by campus police while on the phone with work police while on my way to a city police station. Not kidding you. This experience will be in a book I publish in the future.
  28. I am a huge sucker for beautiful packaging which probably explains why I love beauty products so much, ha!
  29. Brussel sprouts and kale are my favorite green vegetables.
  30. I can ski, but I just can’t stop. If you want to hear more of this story, you can contact me, lol!
  31. One of the biggest random facts about me in terms of style is that I cannot bring myself to buy high fashion (i.e. F21, H&M, Old Navy, Target, etc.) clothing anymore. Personally, I just can’t justify spending money on cheap clothing. I’d rather save money to buy a single high-quality piece I love or go consignment shopping.
  32. Over a decade ago, I walked into a salon and told them to “cut it all off”. My hair was down to the lower part of my back and I walked out of the salon with a Victoria Beckham-length cut. It was so weird to have super short hair, but I thoroughly enjoyed having low-maintenance hair. However, I will never cut it that short again.
  33. My canoe capsized while on a trip to Oklahoma. And yes, my experience was just like the movies. My friend yelled, “Rapids!”, I looked ahead, saw a roaring river, gripped my oar tight, and started to paddle hard. Next thing I knew, we were all in the water. Everyone in our canoe ended up okay. However, a lot of our other friends who were on the trip had concussions. Turns out that the place that rented us the canoes lied about the dam gates being closed. Did I mention I can’t swim nor did I have canoeing experience? Yep.
I hope you enjoyed this random facts about me post as I had fun putting it together for you!

As you’re reading this, I took the day off of my day job. I think I’m going to do some shopping after my eye appointment and take the day slowly before I end it with a sweat session at the gym!

Oh and PLEASE feel free to share with me some facts about yourself! I’d love to get to know you too! Happy Monday!

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  • jess | union shore
    November 2, 2018

    Happy (very belated) birthday!! Hope it was a beautiful day! 🙂

    Also, loved learning more about you!
    I HATE public speaking!! In college, I always hated when we would have to present our design projects to the class! I’m a sucker for pretty packaging too! If it’s cute, I’ll buy it! lol And mosquitoes are my not my friend either! I will get like 20 bites and Brandon gets 0!! Not fair! lol

    • Huong Vo
      December 12, 2018

      Girl, I used to hate talking to people. When I was little, I’d run and hide when my parents had their friends come over. I mean under-the-bed kind of hide, lol! Me too! I’d stand next to my bff and she gets none while I get 20! :/

  • Danielle Alexa
    October 24, 2018

    It was so lovely to learn a little more about you!

    Danielle xx

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