Amazonia: The Lungs of Our World

Amazonia - The Lungs Of Our World | She Sweats Diamonds - Sustainable Fashion Blogger - Dallas blog

As you may know, Amazonia, also known as the Amazon rainforest, has been on fire for 16+ days. As an advocate for the environment for over 15 years, it broke my heart to see images of the raging fires.

What made me even more mad is that the media didn’t cover any of it…until we, the people, found out about it! Camila Coehlo, a fashion influencer I love and adore didn’t even know and Brazil is her home country!

I’ve been blessed to visit and witness some of the most incredible places in the world like Alaska. And a part of me wants to travel more to see God’s beautiful handprints on this world. Yet another part of me fears that these places (and animals) might not be here forever because of humanity’s greed and disregard of our blessings.

Here’s the blunt truth of what’s happening:

The lungs of the Earth are in flames.

I could get into the politics and tell you how many fires have been happening (about 74,000 fires since the beginning of this year). However, you can see the information by just reading the first page of your Google search results.

As someone who suffers from asthma, I know exactly what it’s like to not be able to breathe. And I need you to know that our planet is suffocating. 

Please understand that without the Amazon, we cannot keep global warming in check. The largest rainforest is an important piece to helping our global climate situation.

And if we don’t do something about it, you want to know what the ultimate payment is? The water and plants that sustain not just animal life, but our lives as humans will die. If our resources die, so will we. 

This isn’t just about us. It’s about our children, grandchildren, and future generations to come.

Amazonia, her people who live there, and our world needs our prayers and our ACTIONS.

So what can YOU do?⁣

I’ve copied and pasted from this post from the Rainforest Alliance (they’ve asked everyone to do so to spread the word), but also tweaked some of it and made a few of my own suggestions:

  1. As an emergency response, donate to frontline Amazon groups working to defend the forest. ⁣
  2. Follow the Rainforest Alliance on Instagram. Consider becoming a regular supporter of the Rainforest Alliance’s community forestry initiatives across the world’s most vulnerable tropical forests, including the Amazon. This approach is by far the most effective defense against deforestation and natural forest fires. However, it requires deep, long-term collaboration between the communities, public and private sectors.
  3. Be a conscious consumer. Support companies committed to responsible supply chains.⁣ I’ve created a sustainable living series right here on the blog called The Cut. In these blog post series, I share brands and companies who are doing great environmentally-focused things.
  4. Aside from the Rainforest Alliance, follow accounts like Amazon Watch, Conscious Fashion Campaign, and people who care and are doing major work to raise awareness like Paul Nicklen and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  5. When election time comes, vote for leaders who UNDERSTAND the urgency of our climate crisis. It’s important to vote for those who are willing to take bold action—including strong governance and forward-thinking policy.⁣

Let’s start a respectful chat in the comments about sustainability. And let’s talk about how we can all help by changing our habits or donating. Small changes add up to big differences.

Don’t let the way your lifestyle and those around you contribute to a future live-action version of The Lorax.

And if you haven’t seen this movie, I recommend you watch it to understand the impact greed can have on our planet.

For those who don’t know how I got into being an environmental advocate, you can see my Instagram stories on sustainability. 

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Amazonia: The Lungs of Our World