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Hello there! I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Huong (pronounced like ‘Wong’) and I’m a multipassionate creative and founder of Dallas-based lifestyle blog, She Sweats Diamonds!

I’m also a papercut survivor, runner in training, terrible plant mom and nerd. Seriously. Feel free to talk nerdy to me when it comes to the environment/sustainable living, books and superheroes. On top of being a nerd, I’m a lover of learning, traveling, storytelling, the arts, pizza, pandas, puppies and stepping on crunchy leaves.

I’ve been blogging for a long time (going on to my 13th year). However, this little space didn’t become “official” until January 2017. Why? I never took my blog seriously because I was just keeping an online diary of my college life.

One day, I received an encouraging email from a reader telling me that although s/he never commented, to please keep going because I was helping him/her. I did keep going, but I kept writing on and off.


I was trying to figure out its direction. Do I keep it professional or write it like a diary? Will people care about my love for style and beauty too? How do I do this fashion blogging thing? Will people care about my other passions in life?

That was just it.

I tried the whole one niche thing to please my audience and it didn’t work. At. All. Turns out, I like to talk so my blog has evolved from No Boundaries to With Faith and Happiness to what is today: She Sweats Diamonds. To me, words are so important.

Whether it’s spoken or written, words make a lasting impact in life. The power of our words have the ability to hurt, heal, love, entertain and add value to someone.

Once I discovered the ability to help others through writing, I never looked back.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure called life! And in case you’re interested, here’s how my blogging journey began…

A little bit more about me…