8 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Winter

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8 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Winter | She Sweats Diamonds

Happy Friday, friends! I had a lot of fun sharing with you things I looked forward to in the fall, so here I am revisiting this topic for winter! 

I thought I’d close out the first week of the year by sharing 8 things I’m looking forward to this winter.

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year and winter comes in a close second. I know, I sound crazy. What I mean is a winter I can tolerate. Anything below 30, I’m done for. However, I don’t mind a little snow here and there! There. Does that sound better for this crazy chick?

Speaking of, it was fun to see some teeny tiny flurries on NYE weekend! I think I got my fair share of being a northerner from seeing wanna-be snowflakes on my car window, haha!

  1. Candles – I love Bath and Body Works candles, but I love Diptyque candles more. Although they are high-end candles, they are worth the price because they burn for long periods of time. For affordable candles, aside from B&BW, I loveee WoodWick candles. My favorite scent so far is Cashmere Blanket. These candles are under $30/jar, but with coupons and promotions, they’re the same price as a B&BW candle at regular price. I love the crackling sound too, so soothing!
  2. Being even more of a homebody – My bed becomes more appealing than my couch come winter time, haha! I recently moved my television into my bedroom so I could cozy up in bed and watch TV when I was sick. I just love being home during the quiet winter season with the heater on, layers of blankets and my candles crackling in the background.
  3. Soups/Chilis/Stews – What’s more perfect for cold weather than hot, comfort food? Pho is the ultimate cold weather food (duh), but in second place? My favorite chili! My friends and I have been making it for several years now.
  4. Winter smells – Give me cinnamon, chocolate, pine, firewood and coffee scents! Heck, just give me coffee scents…mmmm…
  5. Winter fashion – I love, love, love to layer! And since I cleaned out my closet, I’ve started pinning more booties (this one is on sale for $67!), cute sweaters and cozy cardigans to my fashion wishlist
  6. More time with friends and family – I feel like bosses are a bit more lenient on time off during the colder months. I’m thankful I can spend more time with my loved ones.
  7. Home decor – I just took my Christmas decor down this week. I know, sad panda. But! I’m back to steel blues, silver, different shades of grey with splashes of nude pink here and there. I’m still keeping out my polar bears though!
  8. Shopping – I love shopping during the winter as much as I do during the fall, online that is, lol! The items I want, but were too expensive are now on major sale. Imagine this: you’re cozy in bed with the television on, your candle crackling and you’re ordering things on your wishlist and score deals while they’re on sale. I mean, what else could make winter a little less dreary?!

That’s it! This is a shorter list, but only because I love fall so much more!

What about you? What do you look forward to this winter?

Even if you hate the cold, find a silver lining somewhere and let me know in the comments! Happy Friday!

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  • Moonsparkle
    January 17, 2018

    I’m not a big fan of winter but I do like it when we get snow in my area (Sussex in SE England), because we don’t get it often. I also love candles, my faves are Yankee. 🙂 And I like winter drinks (just posted about them on my blog), like gingerbread lattes, hot chocolate etc.


    • Huong Vo
      January 18, 2018

      Ooo, I have to try the Yankee candles too! That’s so awesome you won that raffle. I never win any kind of drawings, lol! I’m going to go read your blog post so I can warm up because it’s cold in the office today, haha!

      • Moonsparkle
        January 18, 2018

        Yankee candles are good, I like to light the Christmas Eve one on that night and there’s a nice one called Season of Peace that I got for Christmas and haven’t used yet. Thanks, I’ve only won that raffle once, not the past couple of years. Maybe I’ll win in the 2018 one, lol. Thanks for reading my blog post and commenting! 🙂

        • Huong Vo
          January 23, 2018

          Hey, winning is winning! Of course! I appreciate the love you send my way so I wanted to support you too! 🙂

  • disqus_f5biwAW8xQ
    January 9, 2018

    I agree with everything you mentioned. By the way, I’m new to your blog and I must say, it is fabulous!


    • Huong Vo
      January 18, 2018

      Aww, thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words! xo

  • jess | union shore
    January 5, 2018

    I love candles too (I actually used to make them and that’s one of my goals to get back into this year…) but I just can’t get myself to spend that much $$$ on them haha…. I just grab them from Homegoods or Target/BBW when they’re on sale…. And yes, give me all the soup and chili during these cold winter months! Might have to make some this weekend….. And extra time with family is always good! 😉

    • Huong Vo
      January 8, 2018

      How did I not know you made candles?! If you add them to the shop, I’m so buying! I get my cheaper candles at Kohl’s, but I’m going to check out Homegoods sometime next weekend and see if I can find some more. What soup did you make this weekend?!

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