5 Easy Tricks to Stay Healthy

5 Easy Tricks to Stay Healthy

Happy Wellness Wednesday, guys! Today, I want to touch on five easy tricks to stay healthy. However, I want to talk about them in five categories I think are most important in regards to health.

I think a lot of people think of weight loss in terms of health and don’t look deeper into other areas that comprise of what wellness is really about so let’s take a closer look! 


Most people don’t consider the mindset as a part of good health. I know I didn’t until several years ago. I’m not talking about mental health, I’m talking about mindset. I’m here to tell you just how important the mindset is and why it’s important to feed your mind positive words and thoughts. Did you know that your body can hear everything you say and respond to what you say to match it? So if you speak negatively, over time, your body will respond to the exact negative words you say. Is that crazy or what?!

Thoughts become things and so do words. Next time you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself, stop dead in your tracks and reverse it. It takes a lot of practice so be patient with yourself. Over time, you’ll see that speaking life will bring positive energy into your life. To understand more about this, check out my review of this great book

My trick(s): I read or in my case, listen to my Bible or a personal development book for about 30 minutes a day. Topics can range from mindset, personal/spiritual growth, habits, emotional intelligence, motivational, finances, etc. If you have a 20-30 commute to work every day, you have no excuse to not add good things to your mindset!


As someone who did nutrition consulting for a few years, I can tell a lot about someone’s health based on their skin. As I’m very self-conscious about my skin myself, I have made the health of my skin more of a priority this year than I have in the past. My skincare routine is more consistent and the amount of water I drink has increased. I’m working on the sleep part, haha! 

My trick(s): For my skin, I take my makeup off right away as soon as I get home. That way, I give my skin a chance to breathe while I do other things. Then before I go to bed, it cuts my skincare routine even shorter so I’m not lazy to really do a good job cleansing my skin. I use these makeup wipes now that my favorite ones changed (boooo) and really like them. I’m loving this oil-free moisturizer at the moment. It feels so cold when I put it on my face and my skin feels so soft when I wake up the next morning. With Sephora‘s sale going on, you should nab it too! 


Speaking of sleep, I’m making it a huge priority for 2018 to give my body at least seven hours of sleep each night. Once you figure out the amount of rest you need to be functioning without being in zombie mode, I promise your life will change. Your work will be better quality, you’ll be happier and things will click into place. I’m so happy that I’ve found that magic number! It took a lot of trial and error this year to figure out my “happy” number.

My trick(s): I set a reminder on my phone and my alarm goes off to remind me that if I want my seven hours of sleep, I need to be in bed NOW. My friends even make fun of me on this, haha! When we hang out and it’s past my bedtime, they’ll say, “Oh, it’s time for you to go to bed, Huong!” when they hear my alarm, lol! I also do not have a “blaring” alarm. Instead, I use the Sleep Cycle app to wake myself slowly. I put my phone on the floor next to my bed so I’m not exposed to WIFI radiation as much. I’m really thinking about getting this alarm clock that does the same thing without the radiation instead.


Energy is what everyone looks for in terms of health. I’ve always wondered how people have the energy to do the things they need to get done and also the things they love. Several years ago, I learned from Tony Robbins that motion creates emotion. So to gain a short burst of energy, you have to physically move.

My trick(s): For me, the trick to more energy is a three-part plan, really. To have energy to do the things I love, I take my amazing vitamins in the morning and the evening. Second, motion creates emotion. What do I do, I crank up the music and I dance! Yep, you heard me. Dance your heart out. Lastly, I watch this video to motivate me. I know it sounds weird, but it works, every single time! I almost feel like I want to run through a wall, lol! 


For me personally, I believe in Jesus Christ so I spend a lot of time doing study plans on my app. Others spend time mediating/reflecting. Whatever your beliefs are, make sure to make time for this area of your life. It’s SO important to be connected to your belief.

My trick(s): I carve out half an hour of my lunch break to do my studying. How I did it for myself is that I set a plan where I can’t blog until I study first. Some days, I study for 45 minutes or my whole lunch break that I barely have time to write my blog post for the next day. To me, that’s okay because I’d rather walk away filled to the brim and it inspires me that much more for my blog content.

I hope these tricks to stay healthy has helped you figure out a strategy for your health as the new year approaches! God knows we all have health goals of some kind, right?


How about you?

Do you have any easy tricks to stay healthy that you practice?

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  • jess | union shore
    December 7, 2017

    I can’t function if I get less than 7 hours of sleep! I’m seriously so miserable and grumpy when that happens! haha And that’s a great tip to take your makeup off right away! At night I get so lazy and probably don’t do the best at removing it…. I’m even guilty of sleeping with it on! So bad, I know! :-/

    • Huong Vo
      December 7, 2017

      One of my besties is the SAME way! If she gets less than 7, she’s functioning, but she’s grumpy, lol! Yeah, I learned that if I don’t do it right away, I’ll get lazy and dread doing my skincare routine later in the evening. I feel you! I used to do it all the time, but for some reason, I can’t sleep as well if I don’t wash my face and put some moisturizer on!

  • Rachel
    December 6, 2017

    Thank you for these great tips! I am looking forward to ending this year stronger and blasting off in 2018 even more. I am working on being consistent in workouts since end of October and going to keep that going all year long. Now, have to get food and sleep under control. Lol

    • Huong Vo
      December 7, 2017

      You’re welcome, Rachel! Keep going! Hey, baby steps! Layer in the sleep first and then the food so you don’t overwhelm your body with so many changes. 🙂

      • Rachel
        December 8, 2017

        Thank you for the encouragement! So you think I should work on sleep first then food. I totally get not overwhelming myself but why work on sleep first? 🙂

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