10 Inspirational & Motivational Songs to Lift Your Mood

10 Inspirational & Motivational Songs to Lift Your Mood | She Sweats Diamonds

Music has been a huge part of my life. I grew up with my parents singing karaoke (mostly my dad, haha!), watched Paris By Night (could I be more Asian?!) on weekends with my family, played the violin in middle school, sang in choir during my high school years and sang as part of the choir and praise team at church during my college years. And as of two years ago, I took my first songwriting class. 

To say that I love music is an understatement. For me, music is everything. It can help one get through a break up, help someone feel better if they’re depressed, make people laugh, push through a workout or change the current state we’re in.

I think that’s why I love musicians. They have a way with this form of art because it’s not just about making feel-food music. It’s a way to tell a story, to inspire, to motivate or cheer people up. And in Shawn Mendes and Khalid’s case, Youth conveyed a strong message. Their lyrics expressed pain, hurt and struggles so adults can understand yet at the same time, these artists urged our youth to continue to persevere, to not be afraid to live despite the violent and hate they’re experiencing from others. Songs like that is how powerful music can really be.

This time last year, I shared my motivational and upbeat workout playlist. Today, I want to share ten motivational songs to lift you up when you’re down. The songs (and some artists) I’ll be sharing today are less mainstream so I hope you’ll take some time to check them out.

Listen to the lyrics and just let the words consume you… 

Golden Years by Ruel

I first discovered Ruel through an Insta-story from Lydia. She was at an event for her blog, recorded Ruel and tagged him. I loved what he was singing on her story so I decided to check him out and fell in love with his work! Golden Years is such a wonderful song that talks about being in the present and appreciating the moments we’re in. This singer is 14 going on 15 this October and I cannot wait to see his growth as an artist in the next five years! 

Good Things Comes to Those Who Wait by Nathan Sykes

I came across Nathan while I was playing Spotify earlier this Spring and just fell in love with this song! The beats, the lyrics, this song is exactly what the title says! I loved this song so much that I bought the rest of his album while I was sitting at a stoplight, ha! I just love how Nathan sings with passion…there’s soul in his voice that’s very rare in the music world so check him out!

10K Hours by James TW

I came across James on Instagram during Shawn Mendes’ tour a few years ago. He was opening for Shawn and I got a chance to listen to some of his work. And yep, you guessed it. I bought his album too, haha! My absolute favorite song of his? 10K Hours. This motivational song talks about doing what you absolutely love rather than working for someone else. If you’re an entrepreneur, this catchy song is up your alley! 

Here I Am by Jessi Malay

I first “met” Jessi on Instagram as a fashion blogger. I don’t remember exactly how per se, but I found her work in music through her fashion blog. Here I Am is mood-boosting music we all need to hear. It’s an uplifting song about not giving up, feeling the power in you and just showing the world who you are! Every time I hear this song, I can just see the imagery of Jessi singing it from the top of a mountain, right there on the edge. 

Trust Fund Baby by Why Don’t We

Trust Fund Baby is such a fun and super catchy song!!! I discovered this group through Spotify randomly and absolutely loveddd the lyrics! This song talks about a guy wanting an independent, down-to-earth girl who isn’t spoiled, all about her looks, money, cars or fame. She’s smart, confident in herself and she makes him want to be a better man and he’s dang proud to have her as a partner. If there’s a message in a song that I wholeheartedly love, it’s this one! 

You Say by Lauren Daigle

If you love listening to gospel songs to lift your spirits, let this one from Lauren be the one you listen to. You can tell she puts her heart into the lyrics of every song she puts out there so take time to really listen to the message of this song. Sometimes, I listen to You Say right before I go to bed as a reminder of who God says I am! 

I Refuse by Josh Wilson

I came across this song through my friend Kyle. He shared it on Facebook a few years ago and I loved it so much that I bought Josh’s album. This mood-boosting song talks about stepping out and doing what God has called us to do. Josh’s message is what we all need to do: instead of being afraid and living life passively, take action so we can turn around to help others in need.

Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia

I love this song sooo much and first discovered it through an Instagram friend, Lael. Her church group did a cover on this song (it’s so beautiful so check that out too), so I went and looked for the original. It’s about advice a father gives to his child to not worry because everything will always work out. It’s such a great message because there really is no sense in worrying.

We Are Giants by Lindsey Stirling

As a former violinist, I adore Lindsey and her work! The beats and simple lyrics to this song always put me in a good mood. It’s all about understanding who we are and living life in such a way that we take risks and have no regrets. Another great “car” song to sing to!

Dance Your Life Away by Jon McLaughlin

If there’s ever a happy song that I could put in a category called ‘Happy Music’, Dance Your Life Away would be it! The fast and upbeat music really make this “oldie, but goodie” great for car dancing and singing. With the windows rolled down. Belting the lyrics loudly. Have a listen and tell me it doesn’t put you in a Tony the Tiger mood! If you listen closely, you’ll catch a snippet of James 4:14 (‘life is short’ message) too!

And that’s it for this week’s wellness post! I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post for you because one thing’s for sure: music can totally change our mood on a bad day! And being happy and positive is the name of my game so bring on the music and turn up the volume!

Other uplifting songs I love that are mainstream are Good Feeling by Flo Rida,  Something Big by Shawn Mendes and obviously, his hit, In My Blood is another great one! 

What are some motivational songs that lift your mood?

Let me know in the comments! I always love discovering new-to-me artists! Happy Wellness Wednesday, y’all! 

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10 Inspirational & Motivational Songs to Lift Your Mood